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Adam Page On Hurdles AEW Might Face With Their TV Show

Ever since All Elite Wrestling was established, they have been making headlines and they have been the talk of the wrestling world. All Elite Wrestling has only had three events so far, but their popularity is at an all-time high and they have amassed a significant amount of success.

Parallel with the success and rise of All Elite Wrestling is that of one of their top stars in “Hangman” Adam Page. Page was recently interviewed by Busted Open Radio on a number of topics including if AEW is the new evolution for pro wrestling.

This is what “Hangman” Adam Page had to say: “I think so, honestly. Hopefully, it’ll increase pro wrestling’s outreach to regular people flipping through their channels on TV.” “I guess when I talk to friends and family back home they don’t know anything about wrestling, but when they bring it up they bring up the things they may used to watch and love. I guess that they feel that they can’t find those things anymore and they don’t bother searching so hopefully having a fresh start with a new company and a new channel, they’ll give it a chance and we can provide them with something they have not had in a long time.”

Page then said that AEW securing a deal with TNT to air their weekly TV show is huge for them as it can reach a much more global audience as well as those people who just flips through the channel.

This is what “Hangman” Adam Page said: “I am excited; it’s huge.” “And I guess for die-hard wrestling fans it really doesn’t make that much of a difference. People that watch Ring of Honor on their local station or watch New Japan on New Japan World, those people that go through great lengths to watch pro wrestling they are going to watch it anyway. But for the wrestling industry it’s a huge thing where a guy like my uncle who would just flip through the channel and finds wrestling on TV, this is what it can be for them as well to reach a much bigger audience. So for us this is huge.”

Page then said that signing with AEW has been great for his pro wrestling career and he hopes that other wrestlers will also find a home in AEW as he did. Page also talks about the impact AEW will have on the entire pro wrestling industry.

This is what “Hangman” Adam Page said: “It’s been great to be hands-on and launching the company. When they handed out EVP titles I didn’t get one, but I have been there for the ride and to figure out what this thing will be. It’s been great and obviously it’s been good for my professional career. But I think the thing I’ve enjoyed more than anything is knowing that the decisions that I had made from those past few months hopefully help build a home for hundreds of other wrestlers who maybe didn’t have one before or couldn’t have made the kind of money they could have from before. So, knowing that the decisions that I made in my career can hopefully impact a ton of other guys who have always deserved their break.”

Page then revealed that several people in AEW lack experience as they have only had three shows so far and the majority of the people working there are new and have done this only for the first time. Page also said that there will be some ups and down as well as mistakes, but once their weekly TV show on TNT starts, there is going to be a lot of learning curves.

This is what “Hangman” Adam Page said: “I like to be fair and honest, it’s kind of hard to say, or hard to draw too many real criticisms because I guess that the crux of AEW is it’s going to be weekly programming, which at its core that is what it is going to be and we haven’t had one yet. The three shows that we have had have somewhat been precursors to a real launch. It’s kind of hard to say.”

“Obviously, there are a lot of guys doing this that have never done this before. There are a lot of guys who have never had to go to a commercial break during their match. People who have never produced a wrestling show before or booked one or whatever. There will be some learning curves. There will be some ups and downs and some mistakes, but not having had that first TV show which at its core this is what it is, it’s hard to give specifics, if that makes sense.”

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