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AEW Live Event Tickets Selling Faster Than WWE In Some Cities

WWE will be making its return to live event touring this July starting with SmackDown on July 16th in Houston, Texas, then the Money in the Bank PPV on July 18th in Fort Worth, Texas and Monday Night RAW on July 19th in Dallas, Texas. According to Dave Meltzer, tickets for these first few shows have been selling well, while the other cities in WWE’s upcoming 25-city tour, including Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina have not been selling well.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio Program that when it comes to the amount of tickets sold per show WWE is behind AEW. Meltzer also noted that aside from the July 16th SmackDown show, the Money in the Bank PPV on July 18th and the July 19th RAW show, RAW on August 2nd at the Allstate Arena in Chicago is doing quite well with around 6,000-6,300 tickets sold. It was also mentioned that the live event in Pittsburgh as well as a RAW show in San Antonio have been doing decent numbers, while the rest of WWE’s live tour has been “scary bad” with many of the shows selling under 2000 tickets so far.

Meltzer also noted that both WWE and AEW will be running shows in the Dallas, Charlotte, Jacksonville and Miami markets, with AEW leading the Jacksonville market, but that is to be expected since that is AEW’s home base, while WWE is way ahead of AEW in Dallas. It was also mentioned that AEW is way ahead of WWE in Miami and Charlotte, but despite AEW being ahead of WWE in Miami, both wrestling promotions are not doing well in the market. Meltzer then added that it looks even worse for WWE because WWE has been pushing their live events harder on television than AEW, but AEW is still about even with ticket sales like they were before the pandemic, while the WWE is down as in the first quarter of 2020 prior to the pandemic, the WWE was averaging up to 6,300 fans per show and they are currently at under half of that number.

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