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AEW Star Hikaru Shida Shares Her Goals for the New Year

2020, undoubtedly, has been a great year for Hikaru Shida, having gained popularity in America since winning the Women’s World Championship. Her achievements however have not prevented her from wanting more this year.

Hikaru Shida, the Women’s World Champion at AEW has revealed her ambitions for this year. The star took to Twitter to let her followers know about her plans. These goals include an in-ring promo and her making an appearance on US media and expanding her presence in that area. Other goals include restarting MAKAI, making NEO IZANAGI more popular, and meeting Benedict Cumberpatch, whom she is a fan of.

Her tweet was met with words of encouragement from her fans wishing her the best in her future endeavors. Some even expressed excitement over the fact that she mentioned the famed British actor’s name. While some gave her suggestions on what else she could add to her list of 2021 goals.

NEO IZANAGI is a TV show that Hikaru Shida stars on. The TV series is found on the MAKAI channel on YouTube, a promotion combining theatre, music, and wrestling as well.

During her interview with the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast, the star disclosed that she had first started out as an actress. She had not even dabbled in pro wrestling before. In fact, it was a part of a movie that she trained in pro wrestling for. Shida initially got into wrestling in the year 2008 when she debuted for ICE Ribbon. She stayed working for ICE Ribbon for the next six consecutive years of her wrestling career. She is also known for having one of the most lethal kicks in all of wrestling.

Hikaru Shida found herself winning the Women’s World Championship on the AEW show “Double or Nothing” on the 23rd of May, 2020.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Shida has been leading the AEW Women’s Division. She has reigned supreme, defeating every opponent so far.

When 2020 ended with people bashing the year, Shida displayed a positive mindset. Shida tweeted that even though people say “2020 sucks”, she tried to look on the bright side and not let negativity bring her down. She also acknowledged the tragic news of Brodie Lee’s passing, calling it, in a way, unbearable to hear. Nevertheless, she ended her tweet by saying that she does not want to lose to these difficult times and let them overpower her.

However, Shida, despite being the current champion, has not had an in-ring promo yet. She also has only had a few segments backstage where she gets to speak. Shida has also been trying to improve her English to communicate better. The star has made it clear that she plans to keep on moving forward and becoming the best version of herself.

The Women’s World Champion is also scheduled to face off against fellow AEW star Abadon on the 6th of January. Shida even shared some photos of herself on Twitter wielding a sword, proclaiming that it is time to “slay Zombie” on the 6th of January.

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