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Britt Baker Suffers A Concussion At AEW Fight For The Fallen

Last Saturday night’s AEW Fight For The Fallen PPV Event saw Dr. Britt Baker and Riho lose to Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima in a Women’s Division Tag Team Match that took place on the Buy-In Pre-Show.

It was midway through the match that Dr. Britt Baker felt a little off and after the match, there was some speculation that she may have suffered some type of injury.

It seems that Dr. Britt Baker may have suffered a concussion at some point during the match. Aubrey Edwards, the referee of the match, would take to Twitter shortly after the show went off the air and said that she lost one of her earrings due to her having to quickly leave the show.

Dr. Britt Baker would then take to Twitter, retweet Aubrey Edwards and mention that the reason Edwards had to leave so quickly was that Edwards had to take care of her that night. You can check out both the tweets of Aubrey Edwards and Dr. Britt Baker below:

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