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Bully Ray States ‘Hangman’ Page Should Lose at Full Gear—Ace Austin on his Model Wrestler

To say that fans have been awaiting the match between Kenny Omega and Adam Page that will now happen at Full Gear for the AEW World Championship, would certainly be putting it mildly.

The title has been around since the start of AEW in 2019, when the legendary Bret Hart unveiled the World Championship at AEW Double or Nothing (2019), but interestingly enough, only 3 men have held it in their grasp since—Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega, and in that order, Omega having won the title on December 2nd of 2020.

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And yeah, although that’s a long reign, there are those that feel that Kenny should still hold onto that title moving forward past the match with Page this upcoming weekend, and legendary wrestler, Bully Ray shares that sentiment. He said as much on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio. He said:

“I would say to stick with Kenny right now… That’s just my own personal opinion. I’m not gonna say if Tony decides to switch it’s the wrong decision, or this or that. Listen, booking is all about feel also. There are Xs and Os that go with it but it’s also all about feel.

Do I feel it’s the right time for Hangman? I’m gonna say in nine days? No. I would like to see Kenny get more heat on Hangman or them come up with a way to get more heat on Hangman.”

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There are those that would agree with him, as stated above, and I’d have to say that there is a lot to what Bully is saying…there should be more heat on Adam Page, there probably being not enough build to this feud many would say—instances in the ring, backstage segments and the such.

Another question should be is ‘Hangman’ the right wrestler right now to be the flag bearer for AEW? That in no way is a meant as a jab to the wrestler, only a wonderment…are there perhaps others on the roster that would do better by the title and be the flag bearer that Kenny Omega has undoubtedly been for almost a year come December 2nd?

We’ll have to see how AEW feels about that this coming Saturday at Full Gear.

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Ace Austin talks about who he looks up to in the business and his brief stint in WWE

Ace Austin was also recently on Busted Open Radio and he let one and all know just who he models himself and his career on.

“I’ve been able to really kind of expand as I’ve grown inside of wrestling and learn a lot about guys I didn’t get to watch when I was growing up. AJ Styles was one of the guys that I kind of model my career after…He’s somebody that just really went after it and did so much, did everything that he could basically before he ended up in that WWE realm. So that’s kind of where my goals have changed and grown since I’ve started training. There’s so much more out there in wrestling that you can really do.”

via Busted open Radio /Wrestling Inc (Transcription)
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On his minor stint in WWE, he says:

“2018 was such as good year for me because that’s when I got to do 205 Live and that’s when MLW first booked me and when Impact first used me, so in a span of like three months, I had worked for the three major television companies at the time. They were all interested. I had interest from all sides, but I really felt a connection with Impact…A lot was having to do with the roster because so many of them were guys that I had been working with on the indies and they were mentoring me.

Especially going to WWE in 2018, when I was 20 years old, I was way too young and the system wouldn’t have been good for me then, I think. So when stuff blew up in 2018, I had a lot of fun doing all that, but ultimately, Impact felt like the right move and that’s where I landed.”

via Busted open Radio /Wrestling Inc (Transcription)

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