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Christian On His First Match In 7 Years And AEW In-Ring Debut

AEW’s Revolution PPV, which took place last month, saw one of the biggest, if not the biggest signing in the history of All Elite Wrestling when Christian Cage was revealed as the major star who signed a contract with the company. Christian made his way down to the ring, didn’t say a single word, signed his contract with All Elite Wrestling, and left it in the middle of the ring. Christian then flaunted his new AEW shirt, which read, “Out. Work. Everyone.”

Christian then made his highly-anticipated AEW in-ring debut in the opening match of last Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite when he faced and defeated SCU’s Frankie Kazarian.

The match ended when Christian Cage hit Kazarian with the Kill Switch and picked up the huge win. The match was a really competitive and hard-hitting match, which had a number of near falls and finishing maneuvers and even saw each of the competitors hit one huge move after another. After the match, Christian Cage offered his respects to Frankie Kazarian.

Speaking with ET Canada, Christian Cage talked about having his first singles match in 7 years, which was his in-ring debut with All Elite Wrestling. Christian also decided to grade his match performance on Dynamite.

This is what Christian Cage said:

“It felt great to get back in there.” “Honestly, it was a little surreal. I had to kind of pinch myself right before I went out there. I stepped through those ropes and I kissed the ring. And that was kind of a symbol of like taking back what I had lost seven years ago. And it was like coming home.”

“As soon as I stepped foot to those ropes, it all comes back. No matter how much training you put in, nothing can replicate getting in there and doing it for real. So it was a real test and it was a test against myself and against Frankie and against all these factors of coming back after such a long layoff. But I am always my toughest critic, so I will grade myself a B-plus.”

Christian Cage then talked about re-watching his AEW in-ring debut match with WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who is also his close personal friend. Christian Cage noted that Edge was very happy for him and that he was very complimentary of it. Christian also said that he and Edge always both kind of nitpick and give each other constructive criticism and those sorts of things.

This is what Christian Cage said:

“Yeah, I did, actually.” “So he’s actually staying at my house. Yeah, because obviously SmackDown and RAW are here in Tampa so we watched it together. He was very happy for me and was very complimentary of it. And of course, we always both kind of nitpick and give each other constructive criticism and those sorts of things. But I think, for the most part, he felt the same way that I did. I don’t think it could have gone better for the first one back.”

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