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CM Punk and Christian Cage Reunited after Rampage Aired—Daniel Bryan Reportedly Coming to AEW Sooner Rather than Later, and much more…

After an epic episode of Rampage last night, the internet is buzzing over a video that AEW posted on social media—specifically on Twitter. And speaking of buzz, Daniel Bryan’s debut seems to have been moved up due to the buzz created by Punk’s own debut—in an effort to capitalize on it. All that and more news on the fan who had his Bray Wyatt sign confiscated at WWE’s SummerSlam event last Saturday.

AEW shares a special moment between 2 veterans (CM Punk and Christian Cage) after Rampage aired on TNT

Rampage certainly delivered on all fronts, but what happened after the show most definitely took the cake. As was also reported by Wrestling Inc, two men that have quite the history over at WWE were reunited and in grandiose fashion, both men breaking kayfabe and giving the fans a look at a special moment.

Frankie Kazarian was also in the ring and shared a few words, he essentially stating that while he is an AEW OG, he and many OGs in the back, are very happy that both men are in AEW.

Some of what Punk had to say was:

“…everybody here, at least from what I’ve seen so far, gives you everything that they have. I just want to say I’m super grateful. Eventually, the luster will kind of wear off from the shiny CM Punk…I’m gonna keep doing this and soak in as much as possible…”

via: CM Punk / Twitter AEW

To the bashful comments by Punk, Christian had this to say:

“…It’s a big (expletive) deal that you’re here, man…”

via: Christian Cage / Twitter AEW
via Twitter / AEW

Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) is coming to AEW much sooner than expected, apparently

And as was reported by Cassidy Haynes at, the thought up until recently, was that Bryan was to have signed with AEW and would be premiering only in late September—specifically the 22nd, and on an episode of Dynamite no less.

It turns out now, that his debut has been bumped up, and will reportedly be occurring at All Out in Chicago, on the 5th of September.

Insight into why it’s now clearer than ever that Bray Wyatt is done over at WWE

Windham Lawrence Rotunda, otherwise known in the industry as Bray Wyatt and The Fiend, has been in the news lately and for obvious reasons. His absence and subsequent release from the company (WWE) was ominous enough, but even though many believed that he would re-sign with the company, the fact that WWE had a fan-made sign confiscated from a member of the audience at SummerSlam is very telling indeed, and speaks volumes in saying that perhaps The Fiend’s time in WWE is officially over.

We have recently reported that Impact is apparently very interested in him, and perhaps AEW—although that part of the story is where it gets confusing, folks. Let’s just say that at the moment, it’s safe to assume that Rotunda’s time in WWE is over and he may be showing up in Impact rather than AEW, but that may change; especially with the whole “Forbidden Door” thing going on…and with the alliance of the NWA, AEW, Impact and New Japan…it’s likely that we can see Bray pretty much anywhere once his no-compete clause is up.

The fan who had his Wyatt sign confiscated had this to say, according to

“…Took me about 30 hours to draw it with colored pencils. I hope it put a smile on your face and shows that your fans really appreciate you! You are the most creative wrestler ever and definitely one of the most talented…I really appreciate all of your responses and support! Thank you all so much! In regards to the sign being taken away (by) security, yes it was and I tried my best to not give it to them but I had no choice because they threatened to kick me out if I did not comply. They gave it back…”


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As was also stated by, WWE is definitely big on taking away signs if they’re inappropriate in their eyes, and like I stated earlier, the fact that they deemed a Fiend sign inappropriate speaks volumes for sure.

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