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CM Punk Defends his Booking to Critics of his Announced Match vs. Lee Moriarty

CM Punk and AEW have come under fire in recent weeks, specifically from fans that feel that the booking for stars like Adam Cole and even CM Punk is a tad sub-par. Of course, the internet is full of opinions and heck, everyone is granted the ability to formulate an opinion.

But lately, a lot of wrestlers and owners in the industry have seen fit to defend themselves and/or their roster of stars on social media, as Tony Khan recently did, defending the booking of Adam Cole after it came under fire online.

CM Punk is also likely to respond to an opinion he deems too critical or non-factual. This was proven just recently, he tweeting in response to a comment a fan made criticizing the fact that Punk is set to face yet another random opponent without any sort of build.

He was of course added to the lineup of matches set for Dynamite tonight…his opponent: Lee Moriarty. Punk tweeted in response: “Oh maybe we should tag to see if we can coexist.” The comment is what Wrestling Inc called “a shot at WWE.”

via New York Post

CM Punk has faced a lot of different opponents since his debut…his feud with Eddie Kingston perhaps his most significant feud to date. It certainly garnered a lot of attention. In recent weeks, though, he has been going back and forth with MJF—the two going head-to-head in quite the heated segment last week on Dynamite.

The criticism now is: Why put him in a match with someone else? Perhaps this can be best answered with comments that Punk himself made a few months after entering the company for the first time, he clearly stating then his intentions moving forward. It was in an interview with Josh Martinez that these comments were made. He said:

“I literally want to wrestle everybody, but I’m telling a specific story here of coming back, kind of restarting, rekindling my love for pro wrestling. If I went back to WWE, what would I do? There’s a formula. There’s a track record and a formula. This is what they do. Batista comes back, he wins the Royal Rumble, he main events WrestleMania. Edge comes back. He’s in the Royal Rumble. I think he was in it twice…

He might have won, I don’t know. He goes on the main event WrestleMania. There’s a formula and I was bored of that s**t 10 years ago, so I’m bored of it now. I understand people saying that they don’t like certain things and all that, then it’s not for you. I get it. Like I said, I’m there for the fans in the building. I’m telling the stories that I want to tell, and I’m having fun doing it. You’ll know when it’s not fun for me because I won’t do it.”

via Josh Martinez on YouTube /Wrestling Inc (Transcription)
via Josh Martinez /YouTube

Another possibility that critics are perhaps not thinking about is that MJF may probably interfere tonight or afterward, thus prolonging the feud between the two, giving the fans a longer feud to enjoy—his second since joining the company. After all, the Eddie Kingston thing was good for both men moving forward. Food for thought, as always, dear readers.

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