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CM Punk’s Comments On Hangman Page Were Reportedly Not Scripted

The opening segment of this past Wednesday’s House Of The Dragon edition of AEW Dynamite saw reigning AEW World Champion CM Punk make his way down to the ring and address the AEW fans after his return to AEW TV last week from an injury. Before addressing reigning Interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and building towards their AEW World Title Unification Match, Punk called out “Hangman” Adam Page to face him in a rematch for his AEW World Championship and he even had some harsh remarks for the former AEW World Champion.

“Hangman” Adam Page didn’t make his way down to the ring and that would lead to AEW World Champion CM Punk saying the words, “My sentiments exactly. Now onto the important things. That’s not cowboy shit, that’s coward shit.” CM Punk then addressed Interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and their match was first set for AEW’s All Out PPV Event, but after a brawl ensued between the two a number of times, it was announced that the Championship Unification Match will take place this Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, instead of the All Out PPV.

Dave Meltzer noted on a recent edition of the wrestling Observer Radio Program that Hangman didn’t go down to the ring because what Punk did was not planned and that he went to business for himself. Dave Meltzer also noted that no one knew Punk was going to do what he did and what Punk said about Hangman was actually something that has “a lot of reality” to the issues Punk and Page aired about each other several months back during the build to their match at Double Or Nothing. There were speculations and rumors that there may have been something Page said in those promos that didn’t sit well with Punk to the point that he wanted talk about it and air it out during AEW Dynamite last Wednesday night.

It was then mentioned by Bryan Alvarez that what Punk did had absolutely nothing to do with what they will be doing at All Out and there isn’t going to be a match between CM Punk and Hangman at their All Out PPV Event, but that could change considering the promo Punk cut during AEW Dynamite. Meltzer also added that AEW may build towards a match between the two, but nothing is currently planned between CM Punk and Hangman Page for All Out and Page is not even scheduled to compete at All Out for the moment as he declined to participate in the tournament to crown the inaugural AEW World Trios Champions.

This is what Dave Meltzer said:

“If you are wondering about the CM Punk thing at the start of the show with Adam Page, that was weird for everyone. As in, nobody knew he was going to do that. If you remember months ago when they were feuding and I said there’s a lot of reality to it. Well, there’s a lot of reality to it. I don’t know what the deal was and nobody else does either. Punk was supposed to go out there and talk about Moxley and build the match and he did…after he talked about Adam Page.”

This is what Bryan Alvarez said:

“Whatever they are going to do next week with the title match, I saw a lot of people saying oh, it’s gonna be Punk and Hangman at All Out because of Punk’s promo at the beginning of the show. Punk’s promo at the beginning of the show had absolutely zero to do with whatever they’re gonna do at the pay-per-view. So, don’t read into that because that was not supposed to happen because Punk went into business for himself and moved on. Which is bullsh*t actually because he called the guy out and it was off script and so, of course, Hangman is not gonna come out. And so then Punk calls him a coward. What?”

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