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Cody Rhodes Reveals Reason For Brandi Rhodes Leaving Twitter

As previously reported, AEW Chief Brand Officer and top AEW Women’s Division Star Brandi Rhodes recently deleted her Twitter account, which majority believe is due to the launch of the AEW Heels platform for female AEW fans as well as how the Women’s Division has been booked as of late.

All Elite Wrestling Executive Vice President “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes recently took to Twitter and revealed the real reason behind his wife, Brandi Rhodes, deleting her Twitter account.

In a tweet by Cody Rhodes that has since been deleted, Cody revealed that the amount of n-bombs or racist messages that his wife has been receiving and spamming her Twitter feed is the real reason for her deleting her Twitter account. Cody also defended Brandi Rhodes and responded to those fans who insisted and claimed that her deleting her Twitter account was an “unacceptable” move due to her executive position in the company.

This is what Cody Rhodes said:

“Leaving a social app because you open your phone to an absurd amount of ‘N-Bombs’ is respectfully understandable.” “[There is] no place for that.”

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