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Colt Cabana Talks Joining AEW, First Match, AEW Fans

Newly signed AEW star Colt Cabana recently talked about signing with All Elite Wrestling in the latest episode of his podcast the Art of Wrestling podcast.

Here is what he had to say.

Colt Cabana Talks First AEW Match

“A couple of things. I am now in AEW,” Colt began. “Let’s talk about AEW, I made my debut on Dynamite. I wrestled on AEW Dark against Peter Avalon, and I’m recording this before Dark airs. But you will be listening to this after Dark airs. And my match against Avalon was a very simple, basic fun introductory match for me to the AEW world.”

AEW Fans Not Knowing Cabana

“so in my world, there’s people that have been listening to the podcast for years and have watched independent wrestling. They know exactly what I’m all about. I’m interested to see what this new world, who has heard my name, but I’m a blip on the radar of the world of professional wrestling. But some of these fans they don’t dive into it unless it’s the big time, quote unquote, and I have loved that I have championed the little time quote unquote for years.”

“‘holy sh*t Colt knows what he’s doing.’”

“I do know and I’m not gonna say names but a lot of people backstage were like, ‘holy sh*t Colt knows what he’s doing.’ Of course my friends who’ve been doing it with me for a long time know this but think others were like, ‘Whoa, this guy’s a professional.’ Yeah, sometimes I guess it takes 21 years to prove to people, but I’m here, and I’m doing it, I’ve proved it so this is just the start. This is just the beginning I think it’s going to get better. I do know, as of this week I will be going to Jacksonville, I will be wrestling in an empty arena.”

Credit: Colt Cabana/Art of Wrestling podcast

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