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More Details On Why Kylie Rae Left AEW For Personal Reasons

We reported back in September about Kylie Rae’s sudden departure from AEW. At one point she had disappeared from social media and had fans concerned.

Later she started showing up at indie events and even this month participated in IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory event. But this hasn’t stopped fans from wondering what happened with her and AEW.

On an episode of Wrestling Observer Live Bryan Alvarez stated that what happened with Kylie Rae in AEW was “a personal issue.”  He goes into more detail.

“What happened with Kylie Rae, the reason she got out of wrestling was a personal issue. Now, maybe something happened in AEW where she decided if I return to wrestling I probably don’t wanna go back to AEW. But for those of you who are looking for some massive scandal, or some horrible terrible thing that happened there is no such horrible terrible thing that happened.”

“Now my understanding is that something happened, but the idea that it’s something horrible or terrible or scandalous — my impression is it was nothing like that. Sometimes people just don’t work in certain places that happens all over the world and it’s not a scandal. But, the larger issue of what happened with Kylie Rae was a very personal issue and everyone needs to just move on with their lives. Just because someone entertains you in wrestling doesn’t mean you need to know everything about their personal lives.”

It looks like Kylie Rae and AEW is a simple case of she not wanting to work there. That still seems odd as AEW is up and coming and IMPACT Wrestling is well IMPACT Wrestling. Maybe she will be back in AEW one day.

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