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Gargano on Britt Baker: ‘She’s a diamond…’—Tony Khan on AEW’s Impeccable Year

Johnny Gargano has had a lot to say lately on his Twitch account, and fans are getting to hear responses to questions he used to have to stay pretty tight-lipped about—specifically questions about AEW and its many star athletes.

via AEW /YouTube

Dr. Britt Baker recently came up and Gargano made quite the revelation, stating that he, his wife, Candice LeRae, and the good doctor go way back. This is what he had to say:

“She’s kind of one of my original kids. She’s Austin and Indi’s, I guess, older sister. She used to travel from Pittsburgh to Cleveland while she was in school, to train with me and Candice; I mean, that that shows you right there…

I say this all the time. You can teach a lot of people how to do headlocks, hammerlocks, and how to do this thing, and how to do this correctly. But you can’t teach someone to love this. You can’t teach somebody to go above and beyond.

Britt obviously went above and beyond to try to become good at this and that just comes from a place of love. That’s when you know you got a diamond. I say this all the time about people at the Performance Center.

People get paid to train and be able to get paid to learn how to wrestle, but you can’t teach someone to love this. But when you find that person who’s that like athletic freak who also loves this, that’s when you got that diamond.”

Johnny Gargano on Twitch / (Transcription)

Tony Khan on AEW: The year in review

Tony khan had a few things to say in relation to the year AEW enjoyed in 2021. There were a few ups, a few downs, but overall, AEW certainly put itself on the map more than it ever had been since its inception in 2019.

Khan spoke about the year in a recent appearance on the Culture State Podcast. He also announced that he hopes that 2022 be bigger and better than anything they’ve accomplished thus far.

“I had really high expectations and I think we’ve lived up to them and exceeded them. We’ve had so many great successes this year. We’ve hit high marks in attendance twice with Grand Slam and with The First Dance. So, great events that set our records in great markets, New York and Chicago.

And those events were big landmarks – a record high for Rampage and a record high for attendance in both markets. For us to have such great growth in pay-per-view is really important too. The four biggest pay-per-views we’ve ever done were the four pay-per-views this year.

The quarterly pay-per-views really were such a huge success this year. And the two biggest pay-per-views we’ve ever done were the last two, so it’s been a great year for AEW and I look forward to another great year.”

via Culture State Podcast /Wrestling Inc.

Here’s to 2022, folks.

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