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Is W. Morrissey Headed To AEW For Good?

It was just last night that none other than the devious MJF teased the possibility that W. Morrissey was headed to AEW Dynamite next week. In the angle involving MJF and Wardlow, Morrissey seems to be the new foe MJF plans on bringing to Wardlow’s doorstep.

The whole deal went down after Wardlow’s win against Lance Archer. MJF was on the phone and was seemingly inviting a mysterious ‘Big Man’ to next week’s show.

The feud between the two (MJF-Wardlow) is dragging out, but much to the appreciation of the fans. The feud has an old Kevin Nash/Shawn Michaels or Triple H/Batista feel to it. It has worked well in the past in pro wrestling and it is doing well now…the big man breaking free from under the thumb of his smaller employer/leader.

And of course he finished his address to Wardlow last night on Dynamite with Morrissey’s old tag team partner’s line (Enzo) of introducing him from his days in WWE as Big Cass, which of course was: “seven foot tall, and you can’t teach that.”

via WWE /YouTube

It got a very good pop from the crowd and really it’s a great turn of events, dear readers.

Morrissey’s career reads like a Greek tragedy, really…a sad story of a fall to addiction and lost opportunities and burned bridges, but dear reader’s the measure of a man is not that he has fallen, but in the fact that he gets up, dusts himself off, learns the lessons he needs to learn, and does better the more he tries.

via DDP Yoga /YouTube

W. Morrissey got in the best shape of his life and he kicked his habits. This led to a run over at Impact Wrestling in 2021, and what a run it was. He did so well, he obviously got the attention of one Tony Khan, because now it seems like he’s going to debut against Wardlow next week on Dynamite.

But is this a one-and-done?

I personally don’t think so, or more honestly, I hope not. He may be done with Impact Wrestling; then again he may not be, as he is still seemingly signed with the company; he just addressed the fans in Philadelphia a few weeks back, his message coming from the heart and thankful he was to one and all. He also was at Impact’s Rebellion, teaming up with Jordynne Grace, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect for him to move on now, really, although that is still unclear at this juncture.

via Impact Wrestling /YouTube

It was reported late last year and early this year by many sources that Morrissey would be signing a big contract with Impact, renewing a short-term contract he had with the promotion early on. This new development that occurred last night changes things though. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments on that front, dear readers.

But pitting him against the likes of Wardlow is great. There are now a lot of big men on campus over at AEW. WWE used to be known as the land of the giants when it came to the bigger performers, but now that is drastically changing. And if W. Morrissey does decide to stay on, or if he’s asked to stay on…it could mean only good things for a career that got interrupted by personal demons.

His success proves that that interruption was only a detour, though. The only question now is will he be coming alone, or will an old friend be along for the ride?

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.”–Confucius

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