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Jericho & Paul Wight Weigh-In On Recent WWE Releases and Possible AEW Signings

Two heavyweights in the industry of professional wrestling—legends, really—give their thoughts on the state of WWE and what it could mean for AEW in the long run.

Jericho on recent WWE superstars let go and the future of AEW

After a massive amount of wrestlers were yet again announced to have been released by WWE, AEW star, Chris Jericho took to Twitter to let his thoughts be known:

“…I think now more than ever it’s obvious, – @AEW is the best pro wrestling company in the world today! Both for fans …and especially for performers. Nothing can stop us now!”

via Chris Jericho/Twitter

The announcement was made Friday by WWE, and like so many other releases announced in recent history, they were all shocking.

Wrestlers to have been released by WWE include:  Bronson Reed, Bobby Fish, Leon Ruff, Jake Atlas, Mercedes Martinez, Asher Hale, Giant Zanjeer and Ari Sterling amongst others, including referee, Stephon Smith.

Each and every single one of these wrestlers and employees was prominently seen on WWE television, and up until recently, were being used quite extensively (specifically Martinez, Reed and Ruff). Take note that Sterling and Ruff were both on 205 Live this week in action!

We have reported extensively on other releases that WWE has made; one more shocking than the next. Essentially, it seems like no one is safe over there. With rumors of financial issues, that can be understood. They (WWE) keep referencing that the releases are due to budget cuts.

Others chimed in on Twitter as well:

Paul Wight discusses AEW possibly acquiring some of his old friends

Of course not everybody has been released. There have been those that simply didn’t wish to renew their contract with WWE, opting to spread their wings and spend their twilight years in the business at another company…that company being AEW, of course.

Paul Wight was one of those aforementioned men, as was Mark Henry and of course Christian Cage. Another one of those men is reportedly Daniel Bryan, and who can forget CM Punk? These two have stirred up quite a wee bit of buzz with their possibly going over to AEW.

Paul Wight commented in an interview with Ring Report:           

“…I’m excited about it. I don’t really know. I’ve heard, of course, some backstage scuttlebutt. I’m friends with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk both. I think if either one of those guys made a serious commitment to come to AEW, they would blow the roof off the industry. I think both those guys are incredible talents and they have a lot to offer any company that they join…from where I’m sitting, I think it would be an incredible opportunity for Phil and Daniel to come here to AEW. If they do, that’s fantastic…”

via Ring Report

White joined with AEW in February of this year and serves on commentary alongside the legendary Tony Schiavone on Dark: Elevation. It had been announced that he would eventually and every now and again compete in the ring once again, and to see him perhaps reuniting with both men, either against them or tagging with them, would be epic to see over at AEW for sure.

With all of this talent coming over, and with WWE losing more employees than Enron lost face and money during that whole fiasco…as Jericho said: Nothing can stop AEW now.

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