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Jim Ross and Matt Hardy on Jeff Hardy coming to AEW

By now the rumors about Jeff Hardy coming to AEW are quite abundant. And after the worries of Jeff possibly having fallen off the wagon for real have been abated, it would clearly seem to all that he’s ready for what’s next.

He has looked clear and in his right mind in videos that have surfaced since his release, and although no one is saying that he wanted his WWE release all along, many have come to that conclusion for obvious reasons. These thoughts have been spurned primarily because of what was said by Hardy during his Twitch appearance (on his brother, Matt’s account).

Of course all of this is conjecture, but in the end, many would argue that the right thing happened.

via WWE

Speaking of what’s next for Jeff, he is going on a music tour. While he does that, the days of his 90-day no-compete clause will run out and he will be free to premiere on AEW, where many feel, he will be able to end his career on the right note, and perhaps the way that he wants to.

It was while speaking with Essentially Sports that Matt chimed in on just what kind of match he sees him and his brother reuniting for. He said:

“Sting is just an ultimate legend. He’s almost a generation ahead of myself, and Chris Jericho, and Christian, and those guys. So for Sting to end his career on this extremely high note, being used to the best of his ability, I’m very happy he got that role because Sting is the best guy ever. He really is the best. You hear that about people all the time, ‘he’s such a great human being, a great guy.’ So I’m so happy to have Sting in the role he’s currently in AEW…

I think he’s helped Darby Allin out so much, and they’ve both helped one another out. Darby’s youthful enthusiasm helped Sting out as well. And I love them together as a team and I think it’s a lot of fun. It’s something that has a lot of legs underneath it, in my opinion. I don’t know, if one day, sometime in the future, the Hardy Boys ever reform in AEW, I would love to do the Hardy Boys vs. Darby Allin and Sting…

I think there is a place in the industry for legends like that. Not only do their fanbases enjoy seeing them, but they can also give so much knowledge to a younger team. There’s a lot I can do to help pass down information and knowledge to them while being associated with them. The same thing goes for Christian Cage, or a Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson…

Those guys are amazing. I think fans enjoy seeing them there, and it’s just finding the correct role for them and utilizing them the right way. The most important thing that I can’t put Tony Khan over enough about is he really does put legends in roles that utilize them like legends they are. That is a great thing because if you look at our competitor WWE, that doesn’t always happen.”

via Essentially Sports /Wrestling Inc (Transcription)
via Wrestling News

Even the legendary analyst, Jim Ross got into the excitement of the Hardy Boyz reuniting in AEW. It was on his Grilling JR Podcast that he said:

“I hope someday Hardy is wrestling for AEW. It is a no-brainer. Can you imagine the Young Bucks and The Hardy Boyz? The Hardy’s and the Lucha Bros? The Hardy’s and FTR? The Battle of North Carolina. I’m all for this. That’s a year’s worth of matches right there, easy.”

via Grilling JR / (Transcription)

All of those matches sound as if they’d not only be possible, but would be epic draws for sure. To speak on what Matt said above, AEW seems to be the right place for the legends of the industry to be, and that’s because of how the company deals with the Stings, the Billy Gunns, the Christians and the Matt Hardys of the roster.

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