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Jim Ross Has Faith That MJF Will Be An AEW World Champion Sooner Rather Than Later

Jim Ross alongside Tony Schiavone, is one of the greatest pro wrestling analysts of all time. His insight is indeed appreciated by most wrestling fans and that’s for very good reason folks, as he’s been at this for a very long time, and for many different promotions to boot.

He currently sits on the analyst’s desk over at AEW and his voice is one that brings comfort to fans listening; his opinions as well. As it would turn out, he has an opinion on some of AEW’s top talent, specifically its resident bad boy, MJF.

MJF is definitely a top talent…his promos alone are enough to catapult him to superstardom, but he also backs it up in the ring time and time again. Well, Good Old JR himself thinks so too, as he has stated that MJF should be getting the top honors if it were up to him, and as soon as the later portion of this very year.

He just came off of an epic feud with legend, CM Punk, and is now deeply into quite the feud with once-employee, now nemesis, Wardlow.

via AEW /YouTube

He also went into a lot of other pro wrestlers in the company and his expectations for them on a recent episode of his podcast, Grilling JR. Here’s some of what he said.

“MJF will definitely be the AEW Worlds Champion at some point in time…I suggest sooner than later, this year as in sooner. I don’t have that written down, Tony Khan didn’t whisper that in my ear at the UFC fight on Saturday but there are a lot of guys that qualify…

Adam Cole’s got to be right there at the top of that list, he hasn’t had a bad match yet and he’s very reliable and he’s got a beautiful girlfriend that’s a big part of our team…

I think Adam Cole is in line for an opportunity with that role but I’ve got to tell you, I’m not in any big hurry to take it off Hangman Page. He’s getting better and better every time. The things he’s done on TV the last couple of weeks, the little run-ins, talking, interacting. He’s shown a huge improvement in his game, he’s in great shape, he looks good and he’s healthy…

I’m not in any hurry for Hangman Page to lose but if it does come his turn, we have plenty of guys. We haven’t got Kenny Omega back, Kenny Omega will be back soon at some point in time when he gets healthy. Miro, Samoa Joe, there are a lot of guys that would be good champions. But right now, with the course I see it on, if there has to be a change, Adam Cole would be my most viable suggestion…

I thought FTR, who’s rapidly elevating themselves to arguably the best tag team in the world, the match they had recently with the Young Bucks was nothing but stimulating…It was terrific. The match they had with the Briscoes, I’d like to see that match returned because I’d like to call it. I like the Briscoes game, they’re really good.”

via Grilling JR /Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)

So he has high hopes indeed for many wrestlers currently at AEW and circulating the promotion at the period. He quite obviously had a lot of good things to say, even about The Briscoes, who aren’t yet officially signed with the company as of this writing but are indeed ROH guys.

A lot is up in the air, but perhaps the announced Tony Khan statement that everyone’s been abuzz about will clarify some plans moving forward…specifically what will be happening with ROH…TV shows, as ROH applies to the AEW roster and the such, but time will tell and we’ll just have to be a tad more patient, dear readers.

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