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News On Kevin Sullivan Leaving IMPACT Wrestling For AEW

Pro Wrestling Veteran Kevin Sullivan recently left IMPACT Wrestling and made his way to All Elite Wrestling. Details on what exactly transpired were scarce at the time as there was a version that said that Kevin Sullivan was let go by IMPACT Wrestling, but there was also a version that said that Kevin Sullivan asked for his releases from IMPACT Wrestling.

IMPACT Wrestling President Ed Nordholm recently revealed the full details on what exactly led to Kevin Sullivan’s departure from IMPACT Wrestling. According to Nordholm, they came to know that while Kevin Sullivan was still employed by the company, he was already offering his services to All Elite Wrestling and he even worked with them on Double Or Nothing.

Sullivan was reportedly then informed that working for a rival company was inappropriate and just a direct conflict of interest, to which Sullivan said that he will no longer continue his work with All Elite Wrestling.

After that, IMPACT Wrestling Officials found out that Kevin Sullivan was still doing some work for All Elite Wrestling. It was at this time that IMPACT Wrestling Officials then started to take action, but Kevin Sullivan got the better of them and gave his notice before they could do anything.

This is what Ed Nordholm said:

“It is interesting that the reports I have seen characterize Kevin as an independent contractor that left because he had not received a contract offer; Kevin was a full-time, senior executive with Anthem with all of the fiduciary responsibilities that come with that.”

“When we learned that Kevin had participated in Double or Nothing, we addressed with him the inappropriateness of moonlighting for a competitive business while a senior executive with Anthem. He assured us at the time that he would discontinue that work. When we learned that he was still providing these services to AEW we started organizing ourselves to replace him at an appropriate time.”

“Dave Sahadi was brought back a couple of months ago to begin working with us at our television tapings. With his involvement in All Out it was apparent that he would leave – either as his own choice or ours – but he did not actually advise us of his decision until Sunday September 22nd. Anthem has/had no relationship with his company. Kevin Sullivan was an executive employed by Anthem Wrestling who attempted to recruit his department to join a competitor while a full time employee and executive with Impact Wrestling.”

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