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Khan Predicts Big Revenue Streams For AEW, Talks Schedule

All Elite Wrestling President and CEO Tony Khan was recently interviewed by Decider on a number of topics including the company having a lighter schedule for their talents compared to other wrestling promotions namely WWE. Khan said that he wants the company to be more wrestler-friendly and they want to really focus on building the big PPV events rather than going to tour five to six night a week.

This is what Tony Khan said: “We’re basing the company to be way more wrestler-friendly and in terms of the scheduling, because we’re not going to have a constant touring of five nights a week or anything like that, six nights a week never.” “And really focusing on that and building the big events, big pay-per-views and streaming specials.”

Khan then admitted that the company really took a big hit financially by airing their recent PPV Events for free, but he has also predicted that big revenue streams will be coming for AEW soon.

This is what Tony Khan said: “In terms of putting shows out there for free, we took a bath financially on that and I took a big hit, and I was willing to do it as a company because I believed in our brand of wrestling.” “My dream is to get AEW to the level where WCW was.”

“There hasn’t been a legitimate other company [besides WWE] presenting weekly, high quality wrestling, and never before was HD available.” “The revenue streams are going to be huge once the weekly AEW on TNT show premieres Wednesday, October 2.”

Khan then talked about the extremely popular Being The Elite YouTube series and said that it will be very different from their upcoming weekly TV show on TNT.

This is what Tony Khan said: “What Nick does putting Being the Elite together every week and what Matt does both on and off the camera it’s so huge.” “With Being the Elite you’ll see some of the most innovative stuff, but it’s going to be very different then the weekly TV show. But that’s by design and I want to keep it that way so you’ll have outlets to see different things.”

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