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Legend Lance Storm Compares AEW To “Pineapple On A Pizza”

All Elite Wrestling has only been around for a little over a year, but the company has already gained a massive amount of success as well as a huge fanbase.

Fans of AEW believes that the company offers a far more better and superior product to that of WWE’s, but loyal and diehard fans of WWE haven’t been hooked or captivated with the product AEW brings to the table despite the amount of success they have amassed and how well AEW has done for themselves in both the business and personal side of things.

This dissension between AEW and the WWE, most particularly their loyal and die-hard fans, often leads to a verbal altercation on social media, with each fan having their own thoughts and take on what the other product actually means for them and how it makes them feel.

Pro Wrestling Legend Lance Storm shared his own thoughts and views on what he actually thinks of AEW, comparing it to “pineapple on a pizza,” which means that AEW is a product that only those people with an acquired taste can enjoy.

Former WCW Announcer Mark Madden would then take to Twitter and give his own thoughts on Lance Storm’s opinion of AEW. Lance Storm would once again take to Twitter and say he had no interest in hearing other peoples stance on his analogy of AEW, so they can either enjoy it or not and move along with their lives.

You can check out the tweets below:

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