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Matt Hardy On Difference Between Vince McMahon And Tony Khan

Pro wrestling legend and current AEW Star Matt Hardy recently spoke with EssentiallySports on who has been a locker room leader in All Elite Wrestling since day one and who has become a huge part of what the company is today.

This is what Matt Hardy said:

“I feel like the locker room does in general.” “You almost look back at the beginning, like Chris Jericho was with them from day one. And Chris Jericho is one of the greatest of all time. So he’s definitely a huge part of the formation of the greatness that has become All Elite Wrestling. He’s kind of almost been the nucleus from the jump. And he does a great job. Chris, ever since I’ve met him from the very first day, he’s always been the same guy. He’s always very good for morale, and he’s a great locker room leader there.”

Matt Hardy also spoke about how AEW is a really special place because of the mentality of the company and it’s officials, which starts from AEW President and CEO Tony Khan all the way down and how all of the wrestlers and other talents in AEW is very comfortable because of how accessible and approachable Tony Khan is, unlike WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, who is quite the opposite and very difficult to speak with.

This is what Matt Hardy said:

“I think AEW is very special because the mentality AEW uses, starting from Tony Khan all the way down, is really just ‘come in, do your job, work hard, be part of the team and let’s make this product as good as possible.’” “They don’t really try and force people into a hierarchy, they don’t try and reign by fear. And everyone is allowed to feel comfortable. If you have an issue, you can talk to anyone. Tony Khan is so accessible. If you need to address Tony Khan, then you can speak to him, where at WWE it’s quite the opposite with Vince.”

“Vince is very hard to be able to speak with. And Tony, I just feel like Tony has the current mindset of the wrestling fan in 2021. So he can kind of make that come alive through his wrestlers and the way he puts together and books shows. It’s just such a comfortable family environment where everyone feels like if you need to speak out, if you need to address something, you can. Everyone is comfortable in AEW, and it really does feel like a really big family.”

Matt Hardy then spoke about the comparisons between Tony Khan and Vince McMahon and how they are both ridiculously hard workers as Vince works his ass off and Tony Khan has so many other responsibilities aside from AEW, but Tony Khan is so passionate about pro wrestling and he is a professional wrestling fan from the very bottom of his core and that translates into him being more passionate as a boss and as a booker and Khan also really respects the fans of AEW and he does everything he can to not insult their intelligence.

This is what Matt Hardy said:

“They’re both ridiculously hard workers. There’s no doubt about that.” “Vince works his ass off. No one can ever take that away from him. Tony does as well. And on top of also running AEW, Tony has so many other responsibilities. He has stuff to do with the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, he has Fulham, the football team over in the UK. He has a lot of stuff going on. But he is so passionate about pro wrestling, and you can tell. At his core he’s a pro wrestling fan.”

“I think that translates helping him be more passionate as a boss or as a booker. And I feel that it allows him to do an even better job. I feel like he’s very thorough. And he also really respects the AEW wrestling fans, and he does everything he can to not insult their intelligence. If they’re going to invest their time in watching weeks of a story, he’s going to make sure to reward them by giving them a big pay off to the story as well.”

You can check out Matt Hardy’s comments in the video below:

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