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Matt Hardy On How Much Fun He’s Had Since Signing With AEW

Matt Hardy, who is one of the greatest veterans in all of pro wrestling and who recently signed with AEW was interviewed by Dan LaGreca and Bully Ray on an episode of Busted Open Podcast not too long ago to talk about a number of topics, which includes how much fun he has had since signing with the company back in March.

This is what Matt Hardy said:

“Yes, it’s extremely fun.” “I think the thing that’s so fun about it is that you’re given this platform and this scenario to create as an artist and as an artist it’s very important if you’re passionate to translate your vision through to what you’re doing. And if you can do that it’s so much more entertaining and it’s not like a job, it’s fun.”

“This love of your life hobby that you have and you’re able to do that here and they listen to your feedback. Guys help one another, it’s such a positive environment in so many ways. There’s so many young guys I can help and teach and just help improve their game as time goes on and improve the product while doing that.”

Matt Hardy then talked about being extremely frustrated during the time that he made his WWE return back in 2017, but shortly after that being on his own due to Jeff Hardy getting injured and being underutilized. Matt Hardy said that this led to him knowing he shouldn’t re-sign with the WWE no matter how much money they offered him.

This is what Matt Hardy said:

“It’s extremely frustrating obviously.” “I knew what I was getting into going back there and just with the way things went back I knew it was a roll of the dice but let’s give it a shot. Maybe things will be different, you know the system. Their mentality is that once they have something set in their head of who you are, even towards the end when they tried to sign me, I know in the machine’s head what I am and what my role is going to be. I had to leave, regardless of how much money they would offer I had to turn it down because I would rather go somewhere else and be on this platform and create and I could be happy.”

Matt Hardy then talked about him being at AEW is the most fun he has ever had and the best gig he has ever had.

This is what Matt Hardy said:

“This AEW job and being here, this is the greatest roster and the most fun that I’ve ever had.” “Behind this would be the TNA run I had when I first started doing Broken Matt. This is the best gig I’ve ever had, I’m so fortunate and lucky to be here right now.”

Matt Hardy then talked about being 45 years old and almost 28 years in the business, but AEW still knowing how to utilize him being there and putting trust and faith in him.

This is what Matt Hardy said:

“I’m a performer, I don’t try to hide it, I’m 45 years old and I’ve been around almost 28 years doing this so I have to utilize it in a certain way.” “But if you utilize me I can produce really great stuff still. You have to have the trust and faith in me to do that and understand how to utilize Matt Hardy who has 28 years of bumps on his bump card. If you do that, I can help build people.”

“I don’t want to be the champion, I don’t want the company to be built around me, I don’t want to be the centerpiece of attention every week, I want to be there and do my thing and stay hot and fresh but help other guys. You’re going to see that in the next couple of weeks with some of the things I’m doing.”

Matt Hardy then talked about how he respects and admires Tony Khan’s love and passion for the wrestling business.

This is what Matt Hardy said:

“Our personalities are so similar in so many ways because of our love and passion for wrestling.” “We really vibe on that and we’ve had a great relationship thus far. He really cares, he’s a detailed guy and he pays attention to everyone. He wants to look until every little thing and make it as good as possible. He’s all about giving everyone the best opportunity to make the most of what they’re doing.”

Matt Hardy then talked about looking forward to returning back to normal and experiencing fans in the stands.

This is what Matt Hardy said:

“AEW has great knowledge and great passion and the thing that’s so amazing is in the midst of a pandemic they’re still killing it in empty arena shows. The way they’ve approached it is so smart, i can’t wait to get back to whatever the new normal is and see fans in the stands.”

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