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Moxley Talks Being A Different Person After Leaving WWE

Prior to Jon Moxley leaving WWE and signing with All Elite Wrestling, he made it perfectly clear that he was unhappy and that he was in a situation, where he felt as if he was caged or he was in some sort of a jail. Shortly after Moxley left WWE, he released a video where he was promoting the return of his Jon Moxley character, which was a character he has been using in the Indies and leaving his Dean Ambrose character behind.

This video also showed Moxley breaking out of prison, which is understood as a metaphor of him breaking out of the walls, chains or constraints of the WWE. Moxley was interviewed by The Walkway to Fight Club podcast on a number of topics including how his AEW character is so different from his Dean Ambrose character.

This is what Jon Moxley said:

“It’s just kind of like a whole other different person that had been like sleeping or in jail or suspended. It was like Jon Moxley was serving an eight-year suspension and then he finally got reinstated.”

“It’s hard to explain but when you’re being pushed in so many directions, and saying somebody else’s words and you’re doing something that’s somebody else’s vision and you’re trying to exist within all these different constraints, it’s like you’d not become yourself anymore. And now I just walk out there and it’s whatever. If I’m in a pissed off mood, I’m going to be pissed off. If I’m in a happy mood, I’m going to be happy. If I’m in a mood to joke around and be joking around, you know, whatever. I’m just gonna walk out there and do whatever. Whatever the situation calls for you and no matter how tired I am or sore, beat up or anything.”

Moxley then talked about making his way to the ring through the crowd, which is similar to what he used to do with the Shield. According to Moxley, he walks out through the crowd to feel their energy because their energy is just like the biggest shot of adrenaline you can imagine. He also says that the AEW fans are the greatest wrestling fans in the world right now.

This is what Jon Moxley said:

“I don’t think TV is even doing justice to how hot some of these crowds are at AEW. When I see some of the stuff back there, I’m like man it was like you’re there live man. These crowds are so great and I got the best vantage point of anybody because I come through the crowd. So, like we’re out sore, tired, braindead or jet lagged, I walk out into that audience and I feel the energy of the fans that are the greatest wrestling fans in the world right now. These people coming out to support AEW who want to be part of the ground floor. The energy is just like the biggest shot of adrenaline you can imagine. I become like an absolute killing machine when I walk through the crowd. It’s such a cool feeling. I look forward to every Wednesday.”

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