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Sonjay Dutt Talks WWE Gig & Why He Left It Behind

Dutt started his pro wrestling career in 2000. He had a productive career on the indies but extensively wrestled for TNA, where he is undoubtedly an original, starting with the promotion in 2003.

It was finally in 2019 that Sonjay made it to the realm of WWE, but had been signed as a producer. He would stay with the company until 2021, at which point he and WWE essentially parted ways. It was later the same year that he was signed to AEW as a producer.

Happy within that role, he was surprised when Tony Khan suggested he get back in front of the camera. He recently discussed this and why he decided to leave WWE. These statements were made while he spoke on a recent episode of AEW Unrestricted.

“Let’s just put it like this…Where I worked previously, I kind of didn’t see Sonjay Dutt fitting in with the future of that company. So I made the moves that I needed to make to feel fulfilled professionally once again. Everything kind of happens for a reason, and everything kind of worked out. Coincidentally, next week will be one year since I joined AEW…

At the beginning, when you quit a job, it’s a bit taxing mentally, trying to figure out ‘Did I make the right decision? I’ve got a wife and kids.’ But I will say this — every single day in the past year, since I’ve been in AEW, I realize I made the right decision. Absolutely…

I’ve been a producer, coaching matches, producing matches for five plus years now…I hate when some producers and coaches will just get on the mic, get on the headset and yell and scream at the ref. Because I know that nothing’s your fault as the ref. You are relaying, you are the messenger…

I just want to make clear every time I raise my voice in the headset that I mean no ill will towards any of the referees. You guys are f*cking rockstars. We couldn’t do any of this without you guys. And I just want to make clear ‘Look, I’m sorry if I yell, because that earpiece is very tight in that ear and I don’t want to burst an eardrum.’”

-via Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)

via Impact Wrestling /YouTube

On working in AEW now, with his many responsibilities and working with Jay Lethal, he had this to say:

“Maybe I’ll get in one meal on a TV day, which is good. If I get one meal, I’m good. I’m rocking and rolling. There’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done producing backstage segments, matches, and helping out Tony with whatever he may need. So I guess I wear a lot of hats. So it’s very hard to kind of define my day…

Tony Khan came up to me and he had this idea. I guess it’s no secret to him and a lot of people backstage that Jay Lethal and I are best friends. We’ve been best friends for 20 years. When I say best friends, I mean Thanksgiving, Christmas, vacations, he’s family…

Tony said, ‘Hey, man. I got this idea. I want to try to link you with Jay Lethal on television, and then he drops the Satnam bomb. Since I stopped wrestling, I was very adamant that my future was not in front of the camera. I refused those roles in previous companies. I was very fulfilled, and I still am very fulfilled with what I do backstage in cultivating new talent, and helping them out and showing them the ropes…

That is where I truly feel like I have excelled in the last five plus years. So when he came to me with this idea, I was kind of hesitant, but when he dropped ‘Hey, you’re going to work with Jay on camera’, it was a quick yes. Being on camera and working so closely with my best friend, I mean, I can’t write a better story. It is truly like a dream come true to be out there with Jay.”

via (Transcription) –

And what about getting back into the ring? Will there be a chance we see him tangle it up with the likes of some of the top guys in AEW right now?

“There will be zero chance that I will be returning to the ring. Let’s put it like this. If I was fixed physically, if my body was 100%, that would be something I would consider. But until that happens, there’s no way I’m doing it.” 

So there you have it folks. Sadly no Sonjay in the ring, but he seems to be very fulfilled with the position he now holds and we’re very happy for him. Besides, he’s great at it too. But recent segments sure show that he’s still got it as far as performing is concerned.

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