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Tony Khan fires back at Fox News—Mick Foley recalls real Heat between him and Jon Moxley

Fox News recently made some bold and uneducated statements about AEW. The network boldly said that AEW had “cooled off,” in terms of now being different from what the company once was…essentially stating that it is now less than what it once was.

Now Fox has been known to speak inaccuracies like this one before, and although we won’t get into politics right now, we will say that Fox has a special interest in trying to make AEW look bad. WWE’s SmackDown is on Fox….

Enough said?

I sure hope so.

The founder, co-owner, CEO and President of AEW decided to fire back with the facts on social media. He even displayed charts to back up his claims. He stated:

“Hey @FoxNews it’s amusing hearing you opining about @AEW ratings considering #AEWDynamite on Wednesday has beaten EVERY single @FoxNews show for 6 straight weeks! Here are the recent charts (including this week) to prove it. See you TONIGHT on @TNTdrama 10pmET/9pmCT @ #AEWRampage…

Thanks @FoxNews, I appreciate that you’ve highlighted @AEW ratings when #AEWDynamite on Wednesdays has beaten EVERY single show on your network for 6 straight weeks. Here are a few more charts, Twitter only let me attach 4 weeks worth to my last tweet! See you TONIGHT #AEWRampage…

Did you know #AEWDynamite on Wednesdays on @TNTdrama has beaten EVERY single show on @FoxNews for 6 straight weeks? Surely @FOXNews knows as they like talking tv ratings; maybe they should focus on their content instead of playing boar on the floor. See you TONIGHT @ #AEWRampage…”

via Tony Khan /Twitter
via Tony Khan /Twitter

Now how’s that for a mic drop?

Whose huntin’ for 9 to 5’s through factory locks
Is now hunted on this modern day auction block

Mic Check, ha ha ha
I be the anti-myth rhythm rock shocker
Mic Check, ha ha ha ha
I be the anti-myth rhythm rock shocker, what?

“Mic Check” / Rage Against The Machine

Mick Foley on real beef with Jon Moxley

Mick Foley and Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose at the time) were supposed to have had quite the angle back when Mox was on the WWE payroll. In fact, it was at the start of his WWE career on the main roster, or rather should have been, that all of this occurred.

Mox was to emerge from FCW, WWE decided, and Moxley wanted to start quite the aggressive angle by accosting Foley during a meet and greet before WrestleMania 28.

via MC Joel Redzer /YouTube

The feud continued on social media and was apparently headed somewhere big.  It never came to fruition really, because of Foley’s not passing a medical at the time, but the two performers got tangled in quite the awkward situation regardless, it would now seem. And it was much more awkward in real life than anyone knew at the time…perhaps even Moxley himself.

Of the cancelled angle, Moxley once said when interviewed in 2014:

“It was going to be a real thing. That was the start of it. It was my idea, something that I pitched. I’m of the generation who watched Mick Foley fall off stuff, and on the indies, people are falling off ladders and getting hurt. I did a lot of hardcore stuff before I got here [the WWE]. The dirt sheets starting biting on it. I went up to [Foley] while he was signing autographs, people were filming on their phones and had no idea who I was.”


Mick Foley looked back on the incident in a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio and told of a time when he was angry at Moxley for going too far in the beginnings of the aforementioned angle. He said:

“Hunter asked me, he said, ‘hey, you’re on social media, right?’ I said, ‘yeah, yeah.’ At that time I had about 250,000 followers, I am not sure if I was on Facebook yet. He said, ‘we want to do this grassroots thing to get steam solely on the internet at first.’…

This angle with Moxley, it required me to go to some dark places. The problem was, I couldn’t get out of them. It wasn’t like when I would go cut the Kane Dewey promo in the basement of Paul E’s while his mom was doing the ironing and my wife and two kids are at a park two blocks away…

I don’t want to be overly dramatic, but it was around me all the time and it was affecting me. Especially when I saw Moxley writing about my children. So, I come up to him at a TV taping with Dusty. I asked Dusty if he would come up with me, just so I could talk to him. I said, ‘hey man, whatever you do, please stop mentioning my children.’ …

He thinks it’s an angle, whereas I am 100% asking him as a father not to mention my children. He reads it is, ’turn the volume up on Foley’s children.’ So the next tweet that comes out is even worse, more foreboding for the future of my family…

Now I text him and say, ‘hey man, I was not joking,’ and I think okay, now it’s over. The next tweet is even worse. I am blowing a gasket every day; I am cutting more F-bombs in front of the family than they have ever heard in the entirety of their lives. I am so angry at this guy.”

via Busted Open Radio /Wrestling Inc (Transcription)

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