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Tony Khan Provides An Update On His “Massive” Announcement

As previously reported, AEW CEO Tony Khan recently appeared on Busted Open Radio and revealed that he is working on something massive for the promotion and hopes he will have it done by next week, but he is not quite sure if it is what the fans would expect, though he knows it would be a big deal for pro wrestling.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer then revealed that Tony Khan was in meetings the entire day on Friday as he was trying to put together the “massive” deal, but no other details were mentioned as to what that “massive” deal is, though there have been rumors and speculations among fans on a number of social media platforms that the AEW CEO’s “massive” announcement is not related to any sort of talent signing, but AEW potentially teaming up with another promotion to hold a Supershow.

Prior to this past Wednesday night’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Tony Khan provided a huge update on the “massive” announcement he has been teasing for the company for the past number of weeks. According to Tony Khan, he can’t yet reveal the announcement, but hopefully he will be able to soon as their legal team has put them under NDAs, so that means he can’t reveal all the details.

This is what Tony Khan said:

“I can’t yet [reveal the announcement], but I hopefully will be able to soon.” “We’re working on something massive, the legal team has us under NDAs so I can’t reveal all the details. But suffice to say, we’re working on something that’s going to be really great for the fans and the wrestlers, and it’s going to be awesome.”

Tony Khan then said that the “massive” announcement is not like “The First Dance” episode of Rampage, when CM Punk made his blockbuster return to pro wrestling, but it is similar in a way that is it huge not only for AEW, but for pro wrestling in general. Khan also said that the massive announcement is a little bit different than anything they have done before, but it is going to be awesome.

This is what Tony Khan said:

“I am so excited, and I don’t know exactly when we’ll be able to tell the fans, but I know that it’s coming very soon so stay tuned to AEW.” “Stay tuned to AEW, I promise you something big is coming.”

“It’s not like ‘The First Dance’ where I can put a date and a time and a place on it and say that I know exactly when, but it is like ‘The First Dance’ in that I know something big and important is coming to AEW and I’m very excited about it. It’s a little bit different than anything we’ve done before, but it’s going to be awesome.”

You can check out Tony Khan’s comments below:

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