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Update On Kenny Omega’s Injury And Surgery, His AAA Status

Top AEW Star Kenny Omega has been dealing with quite a number of injuries for the past several months and he has been suffering from vertigo since 2018, which he has revealed causes things to spin, while he’s in the ring competing. Dave Meltzer reported on a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio Program that Kenny Omega has been dealing with problems with his knee, shoulder, abdominal and hernia for quite some time now and that he has worked through them all. Meltzer also noted that Omega worked most of this year with a torn labrum in his shoulder.

The main event of AEW’s Full Gear PPV saw Kenny Omega lose the AEW World Title to Hangman Page. Omega reportedly worked the match with a hurt shoulder, but he said he would still work the match if he had to despite the injury as Kenny Omega wanted to see his highly-personal, ultra-physical and popularly-known storyline with Hangman through. Omega is still the reigning AAA Mega Champion and he was set to defend his title against El Hijo del Vikingo at AAA’s TripleMania Regia II Event on December 4.

Kenny Omega has reportedly been planning to take some time off as prior to joining AEW in 2019 he has had an extremely tiring and grueling schedule as a top star in NJPW and even before that, he has been dealing with quite a number of injuries. Not only has Kenny Omega competed in AEW for the past number of years, but he has also competed in NJPW, IMPACT Wrestling and AAA.

Omega is scheduled to undergo surgery for the shoulder, knee and abdominal issues he has been dealing with and he will likely be undergoing surgery for the septum issue as well, in which he will be using different specialists. The surgeries is believed to be not that major and it is expected that he will be able to return to the ring by late February 2022, but AEW President and CEO Tony Khan did tell the top AEW Star to take as much time off as he needs.

Regarding Kenny Omega’s AAA Mega Title defense against El Hijo del Vikingo at AAA’s TripleMania Regia II Event on December 4, AAA officials were reportedly told this past Wednesday night that Omega would be undergoing surgery and that he would not be able to work the match. AAA officials reportedly has a back-up plan, but it has yet to be finalized.

Omega has been dealing with an immense amount of pain at times, which he has been able to manage, but he has been undergoing constant rehabilitation and treatments from time to time while he was champion and Omega has reportedly wondered if his time left in the wrestling business was limited.

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