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What Was The Reaction To Sting’s Debut?

The Icon is back and I for one am excited. Judging by social media I am far from the only one who feels this way. The anticipation of how AEW will use Sting is rife and I have several theories that I will love to bore you with another day.

For now, though let’s focus on the very recent past and talk about the backstage reaction to Stings AEW’s debut. I personally expected everyone to know about this and for it to be the talk of the town. However, this was far from the case.

Many reports suggest that many of AEW’s roster had no idea that Sting would be making an appearance and was just as excited as the fans watching from when he appeared on the screens.

I absolutely love this as nothing tilts me more when I see someone in the crowd holding a sign of a wrestler they know will return on that night’s show. For me, this detracts from the moment tremendously.

To be genuinely surprised in today’s world is a fantastic thing. I know all the problems that can occur with such things, such as social media, etc but AEW really did a fantastic job on keeping this one under wraps.

Apparently, even those who knew the Icon would be making an appearance were left surprised by his involvement with the AEW. It now appears that Sting will sign a full contract with the AEW where he will make regular appearances. What these types of appearances will be like is still up for debate but it is nice to see such an iconic figure return after quite some time away.

It is not exactly clear who but it appears that some of the roster did know about the signing quite some time in advance. This is not that surprising really as good companies often share huge news with their employees and whoever was told obviously doesn’t have any secret leaks in place.

We are intrigued. How did you react to the return of Sting? If it was anything like me then I would love to share our excitement together in the comment section below.

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