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When Will We See Deonna Purrazzo vs. Dr. Britt Baker?

Apparently, this might be a tad sooner than you would expect, especially if Deonna has anything to say about it. She spoke to Busted Open, as per a report by Wrestling Inc, and in her statements, spoke of the AEW Women’s World Champion and a possible match between them.

And although a match between them would be epic, it would seem as though Purrazzo has other ideas in mind on how them working together can go. She stated:

“…I think that’s a dream for Britt and I…More so than it probably was for anyone else to begin with. We kind of pushed this narrative that ‘we want to wrestle each other.’ Whether it happens or not, I’m just so happy to see people I love succeed, people who deserve to succeed, succeeding. And I love everything she’s doing. I love the confidence she has; she is the baddest (expletive) on the block for real. Whether I get to wrestle her or not, that’s a dream come true…I’m the Impact Knockouts Champion and now the AAA Reina de Reinas Champion and Britt’s the AEW Women’s Champion. So like, what’s the outcome? I’d rather us just be a tag team and no one has to lose their belts. No one has to come out without a championship if we just be a tag team. And then Impact will allow us to be the Impact Knockouts Champions maybe. Maybe we get that opportunity…”

via Busted Open
luchablogdos / YouTube

And about her winning the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship, she had this to say about that special and monumental night:

“…I cried…I cried before the match. I was just so worked up…I love wrestling so much. And it means so much to me to be put in these positions and for people to trust me in these positions and to get to do these cool life things. I wanted to do this my whole life; especially more now I’m so (much more appreciative) of these opportunities, because I came from a place where I wasn’t getting those opportunities and didn’t know if I wanted to wrestle anymore…And the last two years of my life, I’ve just really embraced the opportunities and the gratefulness to get them. I always like to go out and just sit in the crowd when there’s no one, and just look around, look at the ring. I was crying all day because I was just like ‘oh shoot, this is so frickin’ cool.’…”

via Busted Open

And it definitely showed at the live event; she could barely keep the emotion off of her face. Is it breaking Kayfabe? Perhaps; especially for a heel like Purrazzo. But these days, who cares really? Her emotion made the whole moment that much more special, and besides, her emotion also showed how much this means to her, which is quite evidently, the world to her.

Purrazzo has been working diligently over the past few years. After a stint in WWE that went nowhere (and not because of her), she returned to Impact in 2020 (a promotion she’d dominated in previously), and got right back into the swing of things.  

via WWE

What she has accomplished—and is accomplishing—can be equated to what Kenny Omega has done, most certainly, and the sky is undoubtedly the limit for this extraordinary wrestler. All that’s left to do now is wrestle in AEW.

Kenny Omega recently stated that he hoped that Rampage on TNT (Fridays at 10 PM) would feature more women wrestling, and I seconded that motion when he said it in a previous piece, and to that I’d like to add that the “Forbidden Door” should feature more women and what better woman to pass through that “Forbidden Door” than the Impact Knockouts Champion and AAA Reina de Reinas Champion? For now, I say no one else.

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A match between these two epic talents would be tremendous to see and on an AEW platform for sure. Fingers crossed, dear readers.

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