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Are Any Pro Wrestling Fighters Ever Noticed in the Gambling Promotions?

The popularity of online casinos is constantly on the rise. More and more people are joining gambling platforms in order to use Fair Go free spins and other similar welcome promotions that will grant them more playtime for less money invested. And it comes as no surprise that some of these people are also professional wrestling fighters.

The connection between wrestling and the gambling world has been around for some time. Many professional fighters enjoy playing casino games and placing bets. Not so long ago, they had to go to a land-based casino in order to enjoy their favourite slot or card game. But today they can do the same at bitcoin pokies that offer the possibility to make a deposit by using cryptocurrency. Moreover, some of them love gambling so much, that they even agreed for their name or character to be used in a sort of promotion for the online casino industry.

List Of Famous Fighters That Did Casino Advertisement

One of the most popular ways in which professional wrestlers are used to promoting casinos is through wrestling-themed online casino games. With the street fighter 2 slot, it became obvious that people enjoy casino games that are based on a popular theme. Another way in which fighters promote online casinos is by playing them publically. Some of these wrestlers are:

  • Hulk Hogan
  • Dana White
  • John Cena

Hulk Hogan

One of the rare online slots that include a famous wrestling star is Hulkamania. If you’re someone who likes to read slots blog and find out as much as you can about different online slots, then you must have heard about this one. It’s especially aimed at people who were fans of Hulk Hogan and his career, and who enjoy an exciting online casino game.

Dana White

Dana White is known to be a fan of blackjack. The star of the UFC is known to play with high stakes and being quite successful at this game. Even though his fans might not be able to play with the same amounts, they can have a similar experience in any online casino.

John Cena

John Cena is known as a WWE fighter, actor, but also as a fan of poker. He especially likes playing Texas Hold’em, a game that one can find in almost any reputable online casino.  And who wouldn’t like to play the same game as the mighty John Cena?


Professional fighters can promote casinos in different ways. But one this is for sure. That their fans will most likely take a shot at anything that they approve of.

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