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Best Wrestling Themed Online Slots

Wrestling-themed slots push familiar narratives in ways that wrestling lovers are always pretty excited about. They are always full of interesting scenery, and they imitate the live-action of the ring that gets wrestling lovers locked in that intrigue. 

Coupled with some huge bonuses casinos offer players who opt for these games, wrestling theme casinos are some of the best options to explore when visiting any online casino. Just in case you are looking for some of the best wrestling-themed online casinos to choose from, below are the top five options.

1.     Luchadora

This slot offers players some exciting highlights wrapped around interesting winnings to keep players on their toes, just like real wrestling would. It is the number one choice for most lovers of wrestling. This game keeps your imagination alive with similar sound and graphics design as though you were living in a wrestling arena.

Inspired by the free-fighting Mexican variant of wrestling, this slot was designed in 2017 by Thunderkick but is still enjoyed by many for its relish wrestling experience. Like in wrestling, you have limited access to four wrestlers, namely Bull, Panther, Snake, and Ray. Players have access to up to fifteen free spins. Once any of the four wrestlers appear inside the ring, they become wild symbols.

2.     Super Sumo 

There should be something for everyone, especially as far as wrestling games are concerned, which is why Fantasma Games designed this much-loved sumo wrestling slot game. The interphase and general design give a clear Japanese hint, depicting the origin of this wrestling variant. Therefore, as a player, you get the same visual appeal, sound effects, and general aesthetics of the sumo wrestling sport.

Most interestingly, the game features three special scattered symbol bonuses and free spins. Also, you get to enjoy the re-spin advantage and sticky wild bonuses. While you might find this slot in most casinos, they also offer downloadable mobile versions that are easy to play from the comfort of your home or office. 

3.     Hulkamania

If you like Hulk Hogan or are a super fan, this game is specifically designed for you. It is a notoriously loved WWE action-packed slot game that leaves you hooked for a very long time. The game is designed with the registered trademarked image of the super wrestling star Hulk Hogan appearing on the five-reel casino interphase.

This five-reel interphase comes with forty pay lines with free spins, wild symbols, and scatter slot combinations and options. In terms of potential winnings, they offer up one thousand times the value of your stake in a way to depict the true fortune-changing nature of the wrestling world.

4.     Andre, the Giant

Based on the character of the super wrestling star and actor who died in 1993, this online slot game is easily one of the best options to play, especially if you are a fan of the gentle giant. The game features a five-reel combination interphase with twenty-five pay line options you can take advantage of. Slots are terrible, but this variant gives you an edge in most of its roll-out possibilities.

With this slot, you have nine different staking options, some of which can pay you up to a hundred times your stake money. Other gaming options like scatters, wilds, and free spin options are equally available when playing this slot. You will also love that this slot comes in a mobile app version compatible with almost all operating systems.

5.     Karate Pig

Microgaming always gives us some of the best online slot machines to consider, and their Karate Pig isn’t an exception. There are few online slot machines that offer up to $100,000 in free spin bonuses, regardless of how difficult the odds of winning this amount are. However, Karate Pig is offering this and more.

With five-reel interphase offering up to forty pay lines, every player has a clue that they are on a trip of maximum free-fighting adventure. To make the game more exciting, there are seven karate belts to be worn anytime you play the pork chop bonus spin or the hammer bonus spin. 

Final Reflections

It is never tiring to play wrestling-themed slots. It gives super wrestling fans an insight into how general online slot games work. Generally, slot games require no prior skills and are largely based on chance.

However, online casinos offer an interesting return to player percentage. For instance, most online games JustSpin offers allow players to win a mega jackpot that could be life-changing. However, always remember to play slot games with only the money you can afford to lose.

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