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Former WWE Superstars That Could Be On Their Way To AEW

The latest round of WWE releases saw over 40 members of the workforce released. As well as wrestlers, there were also trainers, writers and referees included in the releases. As soon as the announcement was made that certain WWE superstars would be released from their contracts, the talks surrounding them and a move to AEW began.

While superstars such as Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows may be bound for return to NJPW over All Elite Wrestling, there are others that would fit straight into with the current product on Wednesday evenings. But, which superstars could we soon see playing a vital part for team AEW in the Wednesday night wars?

Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder was renowned for being one of the most committed athletes on the WWE roster, and his release came with an element of sadness for fans around the world. Mainly because the fans realise how much Ryder cares about the industry. The WWE have tried to keep Ryder down as much as possible throughout his career, but he did help the company find value through the social media channels, as that was where his popularity originally was founded.

As soon as he was released, Cody Rhodes sent a touching message to Ryder on social media. Immediately fans believed that he could be on his way to AEW as the relationship between Ryder and Rhodes would make a deal easy. Ryder certainly has talent, but whether he will have a platform on the AEW roster to excel remains to be seen. Fans who were at WrestleMania when he won the Intercontinental title still believe that is one of the most deserving moments in the history of WWE, and his new career could see him land somewhere where he will be appreciated. 


WWE had a star on their hands with Rusev, but they dropped the ball. To make matters worse, they dropped the ball on numerous occasions as there were opportunities to catapult him into a main event player throughout his career; including his debut year when he was unbeaten for over a year and then again when the fans got behind him during the ‘Rusev Day’ phase. However, the company never seemed to have the trust in him to give him the platform to excel. That meant that he was resorted to mid-card title feuds throughout his career.

The last story that we saw Rusev involved in on WWE television was the awkward one also including Lana and Bobby Lashley. In a nutshell, that was precisely the problem that the WWE had with Rusev, as they didn’t know how to use a man of his extensive skill-set. There is no doubting he would bring something new to AEW, and he could take the product to a new level.

The Revival

There is little doubt that there will be a lot of fans hoping that AEW signs The Revival following their release from the WWE. The prospect of seeing the former Raw tag team go head to head with the Young Bucks in AEW is just too good to turn down. The two teams could catapult tag team wrestling into a new stratosphere on Dynamite. It almost defies belief that they were never truly given a chance within WWE, as their ability is off the charts.

The Revival twice won the Raw Tag Team titles, but there was always a feeling that the company didn’t really know what to do with Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson. A move to AEW looks to be on the cards as they have already changed their name on social media accounts.

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