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MMA Fighters Who Could Move to Pro Wrestling

We all know that there has been a crossover between mixed martial arts (MMA) and wrestling over the years. The two disciplines require different fighting techniques used in a single combat. Both allow different techniques when fighting standing or on the ground. Both of these sports have had significant growth in the last decade.

UFC has grown up since its inception, gaining popularity and professionalism. Even having dedicated MMA sites for tips, training gear, and more. One example would be

Continuing with this crossover theme a little deeper, we will talk about some professional fighters who could end up leaving their mark in wrestling as well as UFC.

Cain Velasquez

He is a professional fighter and a great expeller of mixed martial arts in the United States.

He has American and Mexican nationality, beginning his career in mixed martial artists after college, when he joined the American Kickboxing Academy. Something else that is important to know is that he is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu!

Total fights – 17

14 wins

3 losses

Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton is still a fighter in mixed martial arts and currently competes in the heavyweight category in the UFC. He is an American who began his career in 2010 and is still competing now even in his forties. The fact that he’s getting a bit older is why we think he may decide to change the wrestling in the near future, only time will tell.

Total fights – 27

18 wins

9 losses

Tito Ortiz

Jacob Christopher Ortiz is an American mixed martial arts fighter who competes in Bellator MMA, and is also well known for his breakthrough performance in the UFC. He initially started in wrestling back in 1997 so he has experience in both MMA and wrestling. Another fighter that’s in his forties, will he be one of the next to go back into wrestling?

Total fights – 33 fights

20 wins

12 losses.

Arjan Bhullar

Arjan “Singh” Bhullar is an Indian MMA fighter who grew up in Canada. He was also a former freestyle wrestler. Currently he competes in the past ONE Championship weight class. He has also fought in the UFC during his career. We’re thinking that once he’s finished in the ONE Championship his love for wrestling will make him go back to it. We will see, we hope so!

Total fights – 11

10 wins

1 loss

Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman is a Nigerian mixed martial arts fighter who competes in the middleweight category in the UFC, where he is currently the middleweight champion. He currently holds the 7th position in the official UFC ranking of the best male fighters. His wrestling career began in 2012. Although we don’t see Kamaru going back to his wrestling roots anytime soon, we do believe that one day he will.

Total fights – 17 bouts

16 wins

1 loss


These are some of the best UFC fighters that have a great track record in MMA, some have already retired but could make a comeback in pro wrestling. The others could make the switch before even retiring. most are still standing with his career, with some important opportunities with his career.

Today, mixed martial arts (UFC) is a sport as well as a business. Much like the WWE and AEW, these are businesses built up on sporting entertainment. With UFC getting more and more popular we expect to see a older and already retired fighters moving or back in some cases to wrestling!

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