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Research on Best UK Wrestlers of All Times

Wrestling is a kind of sports that often fails to get much importance. Nevertheless WWE has created some of the biggest stars in the world. In particular there are many WWE superstars that spring from Florida, Texas, Mexico, and Japan. What slips your mind is there are many who hail from the UK. The wrestling culture of the UK has provided some talented English WWE wrestlers of all times.

If you are going to base your English research paper for your college on a unique topic, you can consider Wrestling in the UK. There are many of the WWE in the UK that are popular on the international stage and writing about them can be a good read.

It will be a glorious recognition of the fighters within WWE who have carried the torch till now, whether you do it yourself or through custom research paper writing service. Such a topic can make your paper stand out in the crowd.

Here is a list of best British wrestlers that you can write about in your research paper in the UK.

1. Layla

This is the best candidate to start the list of best WWE fighters. She is the first UK national to have to win the WWE Women’s Championship. She has been a serious contender of the women’s division for many years now. After she won the pageant of Divas search, she started with her WWE career.

She had a tumultuous time throughout her career in these sports, in her early days; she had to spend a great deal of time to find her footing in the industry. She had to work to develop new angles and swap between Heel and Face.

The primary highlight of her career was handling William Regal and Jamie Noble. The star had to weigh her options prior to aligning with her compatriot to develop a partnership. The most successful stint of Layla is being one of the parts of a villainous stable, LayCool, along with her ring bestie Michelle McCook. She grabbed her first title in 2010 and won the Divas Championship in 2012.

2. Neville/APC

Prior to becoming the ‘The Man that Gravity Forgot’, he started his career in a wrestling promotion of north-eastern England and was called by the name PAC. When you are thinking of paper writing on fighters, you should not miss out on this.

After Neville established himself in the UK, he turned around to make a place in the North American independent scene. He started being a part of various promotions like Chikara, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and Dragon Gate. During this time the fighter established himself as an eminent person in the industry. Soon he found himself to have made a deal with WWE.

In fact, in NXT, he had been the first man to win the NXT Tag Team title twice. Neville had been promoted to the primary roster after WrestleMania 31 and played many matches after his debut.

3. Wade Barrett

Even though his time in WWE ended on a significant down note, from his second debut as the part of NXT’s first season, there was something unusual about Barrett that the industry began considering him as the star of the future. Even though he got many opportunities, he never really got the hump.

However, it cannot be said that his time as a fighter has been a disaster because he was a high-profile superstar for most of his career. He was the winner of NXT season 1 and was also the leader of Nexus faction. He can serve as a bright person to write about in your student assignment.

So if you are given an essay to write, don’t dread it. You can ask for paper help from a writing service UK. You can consider wrestling and fighters in the UK as a topic.

Do some thorough research. In order to write a good and engaging essay, you have to organize your thoughts. When you have the topic and the ideas that you would like to share, you need to create your thesis statement. Essay writing can be daunting but you need to take on the challenge for your own betterment.

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