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Three WWE Legends That Could Work With AEW Soon

The world of wrestling has never been more competitive than it is right now. If AEW are going to bridge the gap between themselves and the WWE, then there are a number of things that they must do in order to win the war. One of the main tactics that could pay off is by having a few WWE legends appear on AEW television, either in a match capacity or just appearing and cutting a promo. 

It is incredibly hard to get anything done at present in the world of wrestling, with events having to take place in front of no audience. Furthermore, huge events, such as the WWE’s upcoming tour to Birmingham, United Kingdom, have been rescheduled since there are travel restrictions in place. But, when AEW are given the green light to get back to normal, these are some of the legends that the company should try and tempt into an appearance on AEW television. 

Alundra Blayze 

The women’s division in AEW needs something to kick start the revolution. Matches in the women’s division are overlooked for the biggest shows of the year, which is something that the WWE to their credit have thrived with.  

AEW could bring in Alundra Blayze to showcase that they are putting extra emphasis on the women’s division. She seems to have built bridges with the WWE and has recently appeared on Raw, but AEW’s audience of hardcore fans would certainly love to see Blayze made an appearance on television with AEW. 


One name that has constantly been mentioned with making an appearance on WWE television is Sting. There are certainly a host of top stars on the roster that would love to have the chance to work with one of the most iconic superstars that the world of wrestling has ever seen. His biggest draw was always his ability to turn down the WWE’s approaches to sign him after the WCW days.  

However, that did change as he went on to sign for the company and work in two big storylines alongside Triple H and Seth Rollins. Given the fact that he lost both of those matches, there is a sense that he could move to AEW and become more respected for what he has given to the industry. 

Ric Flair 

There isn’t a bigger draw in the world of wrestling than the sixteen-time world champion. Any deal to bring Flair to AEW for an appearance will likely have repercussions for his relationship with the WWE, but if he does become available fans will know that Tony Khan will do everything within his power to make it happen.  

If there was a name that Cody Rhodes and the rest of the management idolized and would love to have the chance to work with, then Flair would be high up on that list. There will come a time when this will have a good chance of happening, and it could tilt the scales in AEW’s favor should they manage to get Flair on television. 

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1 Comment

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    May 21, 2020 at 5:10 pm

    Ric Flair signed with WWE

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