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Why Saudi Arabia is the Country to Pay Attention to for Wrestling Fans

In light of the recent news concerning the signing of WWE’s best deal in history involving the Saudi government, wrestling fans worldwide can expect more premium events and shows to be held in Saudi Arabia.    

If you’re not familiar with WWE’s history with Saudi Arabia, the entanglement began in 2018 when WWE started holding events and shows in the country. Since then, the promotion has had no qualms about putting all the meat on the grill as Arab money and insane revenue continue to roll in. 

The latest WWE event held in Saudi Arabia was the WWE Crown Jewel Riyadh held on 5 November. Notable highlights include Brock Lesnar defeating Bobby Lashley, Bianca Belair coming out on top against Bayley, and Roman Reigns reigning supreme over the infamous Logan Paul. 

The event was well-received by Saudi fans as well as millions of others watching live via PPV. While many would have loved to witness the dethroning of Roman Reigns, few could stomach the idea of Logan Paul donning the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt. 

No doubt the McMahons along with executives, shareholders, and other stakeholders were also thrilled with the aftermath of the Crown Jewel as well as the 2022 financial report. The promotion later reported a total revenue of USD 1.276 billion for the year 2022; which is a 24.76% increase from the previous year. As such, you may want to consider searching for cheap flights to Saudi Arabia next year.

Whatever or however you may feel about this, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Saudi Arabia is the country to pay attention to for wrestling maniacs everywhere. With the Saudis reportedly having paid the promotion USD 400 million for the last eight shows, everything indicates that WWE will hold wrestling events in the country even more frequently. Holding more premium shows and events in Saudi Arabia is simply the most logical step for the company to take. 

Speaking of future plans, WWE will be holding two premium yearly shows in Saudi Arabia over a 10-year period. With 18 events planned for Saudi Arabia, the company is looking to generate a total revenue of USD 900 until the year 2027.

As for what WWE Saudi shows and events will be held in the coming year, there has yet to be any official announcement made by the company. There has been some speculation going around that the next Saudi Arabia event, whatever it may be, could very well be held at the Jeddah Superdome.

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