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Why WWE Is Hyped Up In 2021

The start-stop environment created by Covid-19 has affected the sports industry. WWE has been on the frontline of feeling the impact of the pandemic, with its operating income dropping by 64% during this period. WWE’s live events had also been affected, with the number of fans being able to attend dropping significantly.

This was a result of a last-minute change of plans and travel restrictions. The Covid-19 related regulations saw fans considering other forms of entertainment like Grande Vegas online casino USA.

Things have since eased up, and there are now more things to look forward to.

1. Expanded Rosters

WWE is looking forward to making up for the lost events in 2020. Note that some superstars had been let go of due to the revenue loss impact of Covid-19. However, quarterly reports have started improving, and the company will be bringing the superstars back and sourcing for more talent.

Since there is more money now, WWE may decide to freshen things up with new talent.

2. Fans Have Returned to Live Events

The return of live events after an agonizing pandemic year has excited fans. The experience at the arena is one of the things fans are looking forward to. Being in the arenas with real people brings more enjoyment than staying at home.

People watching at home prefer when they hear real noise and cheers from a packed arena. Some stars fans have been looking to have back include Bray Wyatt, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Becky Lynch.

It is safe to say that WWE will be facing a lot of pressure filling the seats of the arena and bringing in big names for the show.

3. Stars Will Be Back

Several WWE stars have been inactive for several reasons, including travel restrictions. However, traveling has become easier, and stars should do shows, even those living outside America. The duration has also been enough to give starts like Edge and Tegan Nox time to heal injuries.

Already, some stars have come back and a long period of dormancy. So it is only a matter of time before we see other stars back on the screens and arenas.

4. WWE Might Start Using Offsite Events

WWE is looking to make the fan’s experience unique by inventing a new way to do shows. Offsite venues like music concerts may be on the WWE hitlist for matches. It is a tried and tested concept that the company feels will bring more fun to the professional wrestling experience.

You should therefore expect to see WWE working with several collaborators like music festivals.

5. Major Events Will Also Be Featured in Movie Theaters

Borrowing from the SummerSlam experience, which has so far been a success, the strategy employed could be used for other WWE events this year. WWE will be making partnerships with movie theaters to broadcast their shows for people who cannot attend the arenas.

While the experience may not be exactly like the arena, it is almost the closest WWE can get. This is set to bring a fresh and unique experience for fans. The exciting part is this is the first PPV to be broadcast in theatres. This will probably pave the way for similar opportunities.

6. Randy Orton Is Back

Randy Orton’s love-hate appeal makes him one of the most valuable stars in WWE. However, we can all admit that Orton’s point of going after high legends was part of what lit the fire in the star’s career.

Fans are looking forward to having him back going after legends to disrespect them, beat them or attack them. He is a naturally gifted star, and having him back in the ring is a blessing for the WWE family.

He has a loyal fanbase, which explains why we are excited about his return. We are looking forward to the RK-Bro reunion and their contention for a title.

Randy Orton’s return to WWE is something fans have waited for a long time. Let us hope that his lame storylines and impeccable talent will not be taken for granted again.

7. WWE Is Experimenting

WWE is experimenting, which is something that will get fans staying glued to their screens. For instance, Roman Reigns appearing on RAW for a Tag Team Match is an excellent example of WWE trying to boost viewership.

Another experiment WWE is running is on finding ways they can minimize injuries on the stars. That is, replacing the wood in the ring with something less damaging to the body.

The new ring is something to look forward to. This may mean that we will have fewer injuries and see our favorite stars more on the rosters. WWE is making a lot of effort to enhance the fans’ experience by making things more exciting.

The Shows Will Go On

The pandemic brought a scare to the future of WWE. Nevertheless, WWE has continued to keep the shows on, with or without fans. WWE will continue to abide by the existing Covid-19 protocols to ensure the fans get their fair share of entertainment.

WWE is working to bring back the inactive stars, and nothing will be stopping them from getting new talent on the ring. As it has been customary of WWE, you can count on them to continue looking for ways to improve their products.

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