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Bronson Reed’s Silent Bob Halloween Costume Wins Kevin Smith’s Approval: Behind The Scenes WWE Action

WWE’s behemoth star, Big Bronson Reed, recently caught significant attention with his unique Halloween costume – an uncanny depiction of Silent Bob, the iconic character from Kevin Smith’s movies.

A force to be reckoned within the ring, Reed showcased his lighter side this Halloween when he donned a backwards baseball cap and a lengthy trench coat, perfectly embodying Smith’s beloved character. Recognizable indeed, as the man behind the movies himself, Kevin Smith, acknowledged Reed’s detailed effort, creating quite a stir on social media.

Silent Bob made his first cinematic appearance in Kevin Smith’s 1994 cult classic, ‘Clerks.’ Notorious for his rare discourse, Silent Bob often leaves the bantering to his business partner Jay, making any utterance from him infinitely profound – thus the ‘silence’ gets the bigger fanfare.

Echoing this sentiment, Reed’s portrayal of Smith’s laconic character seemed to strike a chord with the filmmaker. Smith displayed his appreciation, reposting Reed’s photo & quote-retweeting, “People being Bob on Halloween makes me feel like I did alright in this life. Many thanks, Kids.”

It’s noteworthy to mention that Kevin Smith is unequivocally a master of his own universe, one that consists of acting, directing, writing, and his various appearances across multiple platforms. He’s well-known for his work in both DC and Marvel Comics and his series of self-reflective, non-fiction works.

The WWE Universe is always brimming with surprises, and this memorable interaction between the worlds of pro wrestling and Hollywood cinema is a true testament to that. Interested to read more about untold backstage stories, wrestling politics, and WWE’s drama behind the curtain? Check out WrestleTalk’s new book, “Wrestling Unmasked,” for a never-before-seen take on the wonderful world of wrestling.

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