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Ex-WWE Star Matt Riddle Announces Launch of Cannabis Strain Post WWE Release

Controversial WWE star, Matt Riddle, known for his antics both in and outside the ring, exited the WWE scene quite dramatically last month, followed by rumors of a new venture on the horizon. Today, we bring exclusive news highlighting Riddle’s new foray into the cannabis industry.

It must be noted that Riddle’s exit from WWE was nothing if not volatile, and had been widely anticipated because of his headline-dominating convoluted behavior. As per Ringside News, several decidedly serious attempts were made to mollify the situation involving Riddle. It reached a roller-coaster peak with an alleged scuffle at the JKF Airport in the thick of Riddle’s apparent inebriation, casting an even larger shadow over his WWE career.

Upon Riddle’s official confirmation of his WWE release, a flurry of interest from other wrestling promotions followed almost instantly, underlining the undisputed prowess and potential Riddle possesses within the wrestling fraternity. Subsequent to this, he teased his followers via his Instagram stories regarding an impending new venture — radically contrasting his previous professional trajectory.

The “Original Bro,” renowned for his unique style and attitude, officially spilled the beans about his business plan on social media, announcing the launch of his very own cannabis strain. His followers were treated to an Instagram post showcasing his Riddle OG cannabis strain, complete with the branded logo.

It’s noteworthy that Matt Riddle’s WWE tenure was also marred by various backstage incidents, reportedly causing significant friction among his peers, as covered by Ringside News. It remains to be seen how his newest journey into the entrepreneurial world pans out and whether he successfully transitions from wrestling to the Cannabis industry.

Welcome your thoughts on Riddle’s latest venture. Could this indeed be the next big thing for him? Or is it a shot in the dark? Your views and predictions are welcome in the comments section.

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