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George Kittle’s Love for Pro Wrestling: A Possible WWE Future for the NFL Star?

As the lights shine on the gridiron and echo of the roaring crowd rings out, a star is in our midst. Not just an NFL superstar, but a potential future wrestling icon. George Kittle, renowned as one of the premier tight ends in the NFL, has been making waves for more than his impressive handiwork on the field. His love for professional wrestling is becoming increasingly apparent, a passion project that could well be his next big career move.

Kittle’s trip to the Super Bowl, with the San Francisco 49ers, is a testament to his sporting prowess. Yet, the charismatic tight end’s attraction to the wrestling ring is equally compelling. Most recently, he was spotted donning an Adam Copeland t-shirt during the 49ers’ integral Monday Night Football face-off against the Minnesota Vikings on October 23. Fans might remember Copeland from his halcyon days as part of WWE’s The Brood faction.

However, this isn’t the first time Kittle has made his wrestling fandom known. A lifelong WWE aficionado, Kittle previously received a mask from AEW star Penta. It’s clear that his wrestling ambitions aren’t just limited to the WWE. He’s open-minded and ready to make an impact, wherever the opportunity arises.

Rumors have been rumbling over whether Kittle might make his wrestling debut. Adding fuel to the fire, the NFL star has expressed an eagerness to team up with Pat McAfee in WWE. While nothing is confirmed, it seems there might be a chance for Kittle to tackle his wrestling dreams head-on, quite literally.

Fans are excited and curious. Will they see their beloved Kittle entering the ring to unleash a new kind of powerplay? While we wait to see how things unfold, the question remains: Will George Kittle’s love for professional wrestling take him beyond the fan barricades and into the WWE (or AEW) ring?

Anne unanswered question, however, whether the world is prepared for a crossover of this magnitude remains to be explored.

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