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“I was only attempting to kick him off.”- Seth Rollins Reveals After a Recent Attempted Assault on Him by a Spectator

Seth Rollins, a wrestler in the WWE, spoke publicly on Monday Night RAW regarding an incident in which he was assaulted by a supporter.

The Dreamer was knocked to the knees by just a spectator in November of last year while he was making his return upstairs following an attack on Finn Balor inside the arena. Fortunately for Rollins, guards intervened without delay.

Seth Rollins said last week that the assault occurred in an instant when discussing it with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport. The WWE icon said, “I’m trying my hardest to guard his self-esteem:

“I had no opportunity to digest it because it happened so quickly. The one and only thing I can recall thinking about were threatening to chase him off of me from the boot I placed beneath while he was atop of me as they began removing him. He had such a fistful of my mane at the time. My first response was to grasp his forehead, simply to keep it under my grip. Since I had no jiu-jitsu experience, everything I performed was instinctual, whether that was correct or bad. But when I sensed somebody was approaching me, my first response was always to try to keep his head under check.”

Only after the encounter, Seth Rollins truly apologized to his assailant. Seth Rollins could well have found the encounter horrifying, but the Pioneer afterward apologized to his assailant. The assailant claimed to the New York Daily News that a fraudster who pretended to be the WWE celebrity defrauded him of about $3,000 by catfishing him.

The retired WWE Champion also expressed sorrow for the assailant and wishes that somebody had intervened all through his conversation with Ariel Helwani:

“I was really grateful there were already guards. I was relieved that he would have no weapons of any kind. That may have turned out very poorly. I immediately felt sympathy for him in the immediate wake. I looked so awful after I read about his predicament digitally and learned how he could have been cheated of considerable funds and had poor cognitive acuity. I was sorry that he didn’t have a support system in his existence. It was a bad circumstance, but I believe everything was managed as well as it should have been.

The supporter’s onslaught on Seth Rollins wouldn’t be the only instance a spectator assaulted a WWE Celebrity. Other celebrities, like Bret Hart, Roman Reigns, and Randy Orton, have indeed been assaulted by spectators.

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