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Logan Paul Suffers Injury During His Match With Roman Reigns

Logan Paul performed exceptionally well during his match with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The match took place at WWE Crown Jewel where the Social Media Star did an excellent job at entertaining ‘The Millions, and Millions’ of the WWE Universe members.

WWE Crown Jewel happened under very drastic conditions as reports did rounds that there was a tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and an ‘imminent attack’ was possible. WWE monitored the situation and ensured that everything is under control.

Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful kept the fans informed on when the flight from Saudi Arabia took off to keep the interest in the situation. While that didn’t garner much interest, fans were excited to see how Logan Paul performed in his match against Roman Reigns.

The result of the brutal match gave Logan some torn muscles, ACL and other injuries. He even tweeted about his situation and kept the fans informed about what had happened courtesy of the match he had with The Tribal Chief.

torn meniscus, MCL & potentially ACL happened halfway through the match. keep y’all updated

Logan Paul has just wrestled three matches in the WWE, but his performance has been exemplary during these matches. Fans are excited every time he is involved in any story. He had his backup as his brother Jake Paul.

While Jake Paul didn’t have much to do in the match, he did come out when The Usos got involved in the bout. The match was intense and fans loved every moment of it to the core. Logan needs some time to rejuvenate himself.

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