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Roman Reigns: Exploring The WWE Superstar’s Limited In-Ring Appearances in 2023

Roman Reigns, the enigmatic Tribal Chief, has been a dominant force in professional wrestling, with his return in 2020 marking the start of an era where his presence in the ring became a rarity rather than a regularity. In an industry where the grind of weekly competition is the norm, Reigns has been an exception with his calculated sparse appearances in the WWE ring.

As 2023 unfolded, it was noted that Roman Reigns participated in a mere 11 matches, a startling figure that has sparked discussion within the wrestling community. The debate over the quantity versus the quality of Reigns’ performances was recently addressed by the WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T, on his “Hall of Fame” podcast.

In his defense of Roman Reigns‘ limited in-ring activity, Booker T drew parallels to the “golden ages” of WWE, citing the iconic Hulk Hogan as a precedent for the approach of less frequent in-ring competition. Despite mistakenly stating that Reigns had been in 22 matches rather than the actual 11, Booker T emphasized the notion that working fewer matches can, in some cases, bolster a wrestler’s appeal and marketability. He mused, “Can you imagine a boxer boxing 22 times in a year? Or an MMA fighter fighting 22 times in a year? 22 times is actually a lot. That’s just the way I look at it.”

Furthermore, Booker T noted that ticket sales are ultimately a telling factor – if Reigns wasn’t bolstering WWE’s bottom line, then there would be a conversation to be had. It is clear that Roman Reigns continues to be a draw, despite his infrequent appearance on WWE programming.

In a twist that will undoubtedly shape WWE storylines in the near future, Ringside News has exclusively reported that Roman Reigns is set to take a temporary leave from the squared circle. This planned hiatus raises questions about the direction of potential feuds and the future landscape of the company. Additionally, an ex-WWE star has controversially claimed that feuds with Reigns can be detrimental to other wrestlers’ careers, hinting at the immense impact Reigns has on the WWE universe.

With this hiatus on the horizon, uncertainty looms over when the WWE Universe can expect the return of their esteemed Tribal Chief. As the conversation continues, fans and insiders alike are weighing in. The question posed to the wrestling community is whether Reigns should seek to compete more as we approach 2024, or if his current approach to appearances masterfully builds anticipation and maintains his commanding status in the industry.

What’s your take on this topic? Should Roman Reigns step into the ring more often, or is his limited schedule a strategic move that benefits his character and the WWE as a whole? Share your insights and join the discussion in the comments section below.

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