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WWE Raw Showdown Sparks Excitement: Will GUNTHER’s Reign Continue OR Will Chad Gable Take Throne?

The WWE Raw stage has seen a breath-taking revival as thrilling bouts take place between GUNTHER and Chad Gable, igniting a fresh sense of anticipation. The wrestling aficionados have been treated with electrifying exchanges of victories between these extraordinary athletes in recent weeks.

Their latest confrontation which took place during the September 4 edition of Raw in Charlotte, North Carolina is being hailed as a tour-de-force across the industry. Wrestling enthusiasts, present superstars, and illustrious legends are all singing praises of what can easily be hailed as the match of the ages.

One of the highlights that underlined the grandness of the match was a noteworthy revelation from Cody Rhodes, aired on The Dale Jr. Download. He unveiled the high regard with which the match was held in the WWE locker room. The brutally fascinating bout which saw GUNTHER come out on top, establishing him as the longest-reigning Intercontinental champion, left no choice for the locker room but to dish out a standing ovation.

Rhodes eloquently decrypted the moment saying, “If you get a standing ovation in Gorilla, you’ve made it”. He further lauded the match between Chad Gable and GUNTHER as “an amazing main event” that left everyone spellbound and applauding their impressive performances.

The raw-combat showdown retained its momentum when it was Gable’s turn to win the laurels. His illustrious performance was an undeniable testimony of his prowess and capacity as he battled with GUNTHER. “Chad did amazing last night and I do hope that Chad finds the Intercontinental Championship. His daughter wanted to see that and have that moment,” said Rhodes batting for Chad.

Rhodes also acknowledged the brilliant performance of Gable with a tinge of regret when he added, “I felt bad because they sent me out after to raise his hand, and I’ve got to do the dark match … he is an amazing athlete.”

With the Intercontinental Title stakes running high, the GUNTHER vs Chad Gable saga promises to continue its thrilling narrative, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

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