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AEW Likely To Acquire Two Huge Stars Very Soon

It looks like we may have seen the last of LAX (Santana and Ortiz) in IMPACT Wrestling as during their most recent set of TV Tapings from Fronton Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico, LAX gave their farewell speech and they received a much-deserved send-off from the roster.

According to Dave Meltzer on a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio Program, LAX may likely end up signing with All Elite Wrestling as it would be much better for them in a financial capacity and they would still be able to compete in other wrestling companies such as PWG and AAA, but as with all the other talents in AEW, they will not be allowed to compete in the indies.

Dave Meltzer also noted that if you are a successful and huge tag team as LAX is. Then AEW is the company for you because if they go to WWE, they would first be signed under the NXT umbrella. At that point, there is no guarantee they will be moved up the main roster. If they are, it is also not a guarantee WWE will let them keep their original gimmick or split up the tag team.

This is what Dave Meltzer said: “Impact made deals with everyone that anyone who has a gimmick there they can take and go elsewhere.”

“I don’t think they’re going to WWE because they’re starting with AAA at next taping — September 8th — so that leads me to believe the odds are they’re going to AEW and I know that was the direction they were leaning because the could still do the PWGs and AAA. They wouldn’t be able to do indies though because once AEW gets going those guys aren’t allowed to do indies.”

“I know they were leaning toward AEW. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are Jericho’s mystery partners… we’ll see.”

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