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AEW Programming To Become More Accessible In The U.K.

Ever since its inception back in January 1st, 2019, All Elite Wrestling has really been making a name in the pro wrestling industry and they have been garnering global recognition and major successes all around the world and they have even been reaching worldwide audiences and markets. In just over a two year time period, AEW has become a global name and they can even be considered as a worthy competitor for the WWE.

One of the biggest factors in the company’s continued success is the caliber of talent they have been signing as of late as well as their television presence in the international market, but AEW Rampage, which is the promotion’s second biggest and main television program, has only been accessible to U.K. viewers via FITE TV, though that will be changing soon as according to, the show is now available on both ITV and ITV4.

The report also states that Dynamite’s broadcast on ITV will now change and will air unedited because the show usually airs on a Friday night on ITV 4 and gets edited to a one-hour show before it airs on ITV on a Monday night, but that has now changed as AEW programming in the U.K. have been given the go ahead to air as the full two-hour show, instead of an edited one-hour show. ITV’s main station is the second-most watched television network in the entire U.K. behind BBC1 and is expected to garner a lot of viewers.

AEW Rampage is set to debut this Tuesday at 11:05PM on ITV4 in the U.K. with the replay set to air on ITV on Thursday at 11:40PM. This is intended to give the viewers in the U.K. more options and choices to watch AEW programming on other networks instead of relying on FITE TV’s monthly pay service, where the shows are edited before airing.

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