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AEW’s Cezar Bononi Gives Update On Wife’s Leukemia Treatment

It was previously reported that one of AEW’s fastest rising star in Cezar Bononi recently took to his Twitter and asked fans for help with his wife’s Leukemia treatment.

Bononi said he usually doesn’t do this, but desperate times need desperate actions. He also said that his sister-in-law is a matching donor for his wife’s Leukemia treatment, but without a bone marrow transplant, there will be an 80% chance of this disease coming back.

Bononi then said that the doctors have noted that his wife needs a transplant on the 1st of April and that they applied for an emergency visa, but their request for an interview was not granted.

AEW Star Cezar Bononi took to his Twitter not long ago and gave an update on his wife’s Leukemia treatment. He said the last couple of weeks was a little bit rough because of the side effects of the chemo, but Camila is recovering well.

This is what Cezar Bononi said:

“Another update! Last couple weeks was a little bit rough because the side effects of the chemo, but Camila is recovering good. Her sister is covid clear, tested negative yesterday and will be here on Monday. Transplant is scheduled for April 10th, so we can celebrate Mother’s Day.”

You can check out Cezar Bononi’s tweet below:

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