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AEW’s Injury Woes: WWE Talent Not Surprised

One big thing: WWE wrestlers attribute AEW’s higher injury rates to less frequent schedules

AEW has been plagued by a series of injuries in recent months, and WWE talent aren’t shocked by this trend.

Why it matters:

• The frequency of injuries in AEW could impact the company’s ability to deliver consistent, high-quality shows
• It raises questions about the balance between athlete safety and entertainment value in professional wrestling

By the numbers:

• Recent AEW injuries include:
• Adam Copeland: fractured tibia
• Cole Karter: underwent surgery
• Riho: fractured arm
• Eddie Kingston: leg injury requiring surgery

What they’re saying:

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, WWE talent attribute AEW’s injury issues to less frequent wrestling schedules compared to WWE’s more consistent weekly routines.

The big picture:

• WWE performers struggled during the ThunderDome era with less frequent matches
• Many WWE talents found it harder to stay in peak physical condition when only performing once or twice a week
• Some WWE wrestlers believe consistent performance helps prevent injuries

Between the lines:

Johnson reports that WWE talent privately complained about difficulties during the ThunderDome era:

“They found it a lot harder to perform when they were only competing on Mondays or Fridays or doing the SmackDown and the Raw tapings because they could not callus their bodies to the ring.”

The bottom line:

WWE wrestlers suggest that more frequent performances help them maintain their physical condition and potentially reduce injury risks. This perspective offers insight into the differing injury rates between WWE and AEW.

What do you think AEW could do to address their injury issues while maintaining their unique style of wrestling? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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