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AEW’s Surprising Move: The Real Reason Behind Swerve vs. Ospreay at Forbidden Door

One big thing: Will Ospreay proposed losing to Swerve Strickland

Will Ospreay, in a surprising move, approached AEW higher-ups to suggest putting over Swerve Strickland at Forbidden Door. This decision was driven by Ospreay’s desire to silence critics who viewed Strickland’s reign as a placeholder.

Why it matters

• Ospreay’s initiative demonstrates a commitment to AEW’s long-term success.
• The move challenges the notion that top stars should always be protected.
• It sets a precedent for teamwork and selflessness in the company.

By the numbers

• Ospreay made this decision after winning the International Championship.
• The match took place at Forbidden Door, earlier than many fans expected.
• Both wrestlers have different opponents planned for AEW All In at Wembley Stadium.

Behind the scenes

• AEW sources report Ospreay has been excellent to work with.
• He often helps others put together matches when asked.
• The decision was seen as “proving a point” within the company.

The bottom line

Ospreay’s willingness to put Strickland over showcases a level of professionalism and team-first mentality that could set a new standard in AEW. It challenges the wrestling norm of protecting top stars and emphasizes the importance of building credible champions.

What do you think about Ospreay’s decision to put Swerve Strickland over? Do you believe this will impact how other wrestlers approach their roles in AEW? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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