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AEW’s Tony Khan Commits to Long-Term Partnership with STARDOM

One big thing: AEW President Tony Khan confirms plans for continued collaboration with STARDOM beyond Forbidden Door

During the Forbidden Door media call, Tony Khan expressed enthusiasm for ongoing work with the Japanese women’s wrestling promotion STARDOM.

Key details:

• Khan stated, “We have lots of plans with STARDOM, and I’m really excited about working so closely with the promotion this year.”
• STARDOM is sending three representatives to compete at Forbidden Door 2023.
• This marks the first time STARDOM talent will participate in the annual AEW-NJPW crossover event.

Why it matters:

This partnership expands AEW’s international reach and provides fresh matchups for their women’s division. It also offers STARDOM wrestlers increased exposure to Western audiences.

By the numbers:

• 3: STARDOM wrestlers competing at Forbidden Door 2023
• 3: Consecutive years of the AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door event

What they’re saying:

I think it’s been great for the wrestlers in AEW and STARDOM, and also for the fans of either or both promotions,” Khan said.

The big picture:

This collaboration is part of AEW’s broader strategy to work with international promotions, including NJPW and CMLL. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing diverse and global wrestling content.

What’s next:

Khan hinted at regular appearances by STARDOM talent in AEW, stating, “I look to bring STARDOM talent regularly to AEW.”

How do you think this partnership with STARDOM will impact AEW’s women’s division? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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